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The limited-run Leica M10-R Black Paint Finish brings a classy, shiny black to the M10-R camera previously only available matte finishes. It also does away with Leica’s iconic red dot as a homage to the Leica MP film camera, and the shutter release is trimmed out in polished silver chrome, while the shutter speed and ISO dials on the top of the camera have received a “classic and easy-to-grip” cross-knurled machining on the sides.

Unlike the more matte black chrome edition which is electrochemically bonded with the underlying nickel-plated brass - taking on a slight silvering in high-use areas, the M10-R in Black Paint has a finish that sits on top of the brass and that will wear over time - exposing the brass underneath for a lovely and sought-after patina.

Geared towards maximum image quality, the M10-R puts the "R" in resolution, introducing a brand-new 40.89-megapixel CMOS sensor similar to the 40-megapixel black-and-white sensor of the M10 Monochrom offering a significant jump in resolution over the 24-megapixel sensor found in the M10 and M10-P.

The M10-R is distinguished by its image quality, dynamic range, and sensitivity, with an ISO 100-50000 range and low noise thanks to the new sensor and Maestro II image processor. According to Leica this combination produces an extra two stops better dynamic range than the 24 megapixels sensor found in its predecessors. The increased resolution and redesigned sensor structure also highlight the unique optical qualities of Leica's extensive lens lineup.

Beyond the updated sensor, the M10-R takes on a familiar form with a large 0.73x-magnification optical viewfinder and sharing the same body with dedicated ISO dial, same 3.0" 1.04m-dot touchscreen with Gorilla Glass cover, same interface, same battery, and same quiet shutter as the true and tested M10-P. Despite the M10-R’s higher resolution, the camera operates just as fast with no lag when reviewing or zooming in on photos on the LCD screen. The M10-R also features an extended shutter speed range for making long exposures up to 16 minutes-long for nighttime and low-light shooting.

Contributing to the M10-R's durability, the top and bottom plates are constructed from brass and the chassis is built from magnesium alloy to realize a robust physical construction for long-lasting use. Additionally, the M10-R also sports an integrated Wi-Fi module for wireless sharing and remote camera control from a linked mobile device.

40MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor and Maestro II Processor | Bring the most out of your Leica lenses

  • Redeveloped 40.89MP Colour CMOS Sensor
  • Base ISO 100 with a range up to 50000
  • Wide dynamic range
  • No low pass filter
  • 16 minutes of maximum exposure time
  • 4.5 fps continuous shooting rate
  • Maestro II processor yields lossless compression of 14-bit raw files in DNG format for manageable file sizes containing incredible amounts of detail

With a resolution of over 40 megapixels, the Leica M10-R’s newly developed image sensor paired with the Maestro II image processor is able to capture even the finest textures and details - delivering an impressively wide dynamic range with notable colour saturation and contrast.

The iso sensitivity range of ISO 100-50000, combined with fast Leica M-lenses, makes it both an easy and flexible platform for shooting wide open in bright daytime light achieving maximum background blur and in low light conditions. M10-R sensor's design also omits an optical low-pass filter in order to achieve greater sharpness and resolution.

Additionally, the new sensor allows for a longer maximum exposure time of 16 minutes, lending you more creative freedom when capturing star trails, motion blur or nighttime landscapes. This versatility and new heights of Leica M resolution plus higher dynamic range make the M10-R an imaging powerhouse for any application.

Classic Leica Rangefinder Build Quality & Performance

The Leica M10-R is constructed by highly trained specialists, who assemble the elaborately engineered components into a product that is much more than the sum of its parts.

The rangefinder alone is comprised of over 100 individual parts, the majority of which move together in harmony with every turn of the lens.

Bright 0.73x-magnification Rangefinder Viewfinder

The optical viewfinder is a large, bright-line 0.73x-magnification rangefinder with automatic parallax compensation and bright-line frame lines, which are set to match the image sensor size at a focusing distance of 2m. The rangefinder mechanism displays split or superimposed bright field images within the centre of the viewfinder to benefit accurate manual focusing control. The effective rangefinder metering basis is 50.6mm (mechanical metering basis 69.31mm x viewfinder magnification of 0.73x).

A viewfinder frame selector on the front of the camera can be used to manually change the apparent image field to help visualize the scene with varying focal lengths.

Leica M10-R Frame line options:

  • 35mm/135mm
  • 28mm/90mm
  • 50mm/75mm

Quiet Mechanical Shutter

The super quiet mechanical shutter, first established with the Leica M10-P, allows for stealthy operation and minimal vibrations to minimize camera shake and help ensure sharper photos.

3-inch 1.04M-dot touchscreen

The M10-R borrows the touch-sensitive rear LCD if the M10-P. For well-implemented touch-functionality that doesn't get in the way of the shooting experience. It's useful for flipping through images in playback mode, and pinch-to-zoom to check focus.

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  • MPN - 140363
  • GTIN - 4022243200623
Lens Mount Leica M
Camera Format Full-Frame (1x Crop Factor)
Pixels Effective: 40.89 Megapixel
Maximum Resolution 7864 x 5200
Aspect Ratio 3:2
Sensor Type CMOS
Sensor Size 24 x 36 mm
Image File Format DNG, JPEG
Bit Depth 14-Bit
Image Stabilization None
  • Limited Run Black Paint edition of the Leica M10-R
  • This painted finish will wear over time, exposing the brass underneath for a sought-after patina
  • 40MP Full-Frame CMOS Sensor
  • Leica Maestro II Image Processor
  • Optical 0.73x-Magnification Viewfinder
  • 3.0" 1.04m-Dot Touchscreen LCD
  • Slim body profile reminiscent of Leica's film cameras
  • Near-silent mechanical shutter for inconspicuous shooting.
  • Integrated 2GB buffer to for recording 4.5 fps bursts of up to 10 consecutive frames.
  • Images can be recorded in either the 14-bit DNG or 8-bit JPEG file format.
  • Integrated ISO dial on the top plate permits simple and direct adjustment of sensitivity values, even when the camera is turned off.
  • The rear of the camera features just three buttons—live view, playback, and menu—for more simplified and intuitive navigation of the camera's control-set.
  • Programmable Favorites menu
  • Rear LCD monitor has a Corning Gorilla Glass cover to protect it against scratching and impacts.
  • Top and bottom plates machined from solid blocks of brass and chassis built from magnesium alloy for a truly durable, hard-wearing physical construction.
  • Rubber seals prevents the entrance of light rain and dust to enable working in inclement conditions.
  • A top hot shoe permits working with an external flash and the top sync speed is 1/180 sec.
  • Built-in Wi-Fi permits sharing imagery directly to a linked smartphone and also enables remote control over the camera via the Leica FOTOS app.
  • Compatible with the optional Visoflex accessory electronic viewfinder for manually focusing adapted lenses.