AquaTech ATB 6000 Underwater Housing for Sony A6000 Series

AquaTech ATB 6000 Underwater Housing for Sony A6000 Series

This AquaTech ATB 6000 Underwater Housing is in good physical and working condition. All boxed accessories are included.

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Polyurethane Construction

Built with a polyurethane construction, the Aquatech ATB A6000 underwater housing is designed specifically for the Sony A6000 mirrorless camera. Rated for a depth of 10m the housing is the perfect solution for shooting in or under the water.

Tactile Response

Optimised for comfort and tactile response, the controls are created using a mix of stainless steel, aluminum and high strength plastics. All of the aluminum parts have been anodized for maximum protection and product longevity.

Comprehensive Camera Control

The control layout offers fast reliable controls over key camera settings like, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, playback, record and picture profile. 

Includes Pistol Grip & Lens Port

This comprehensive kit includes a pistol grip trigger kit and LP-5 standard lens port suitable for medium length prime lenses. A removable side handle is included in the kit and offers an alternative equipment setup for those who wish to shoot without a pistol grip and use the manual shutter control.

Supports 3rd Party Lenses

The ATB6000 features an interchangeable port system that covers many Sony and third-party lenses via adaptors.

Including everything you need to start shooting, the AquaTech ATB-6000 kit for the Sony A6000 is a perfect solution for those looking to get into the water and get great results right out of the box.