Aquatech EDGE Canon R7 Grey (10361)

Aquatech EDGE Canon R7 Grey (10361)

Aquatech EDGE Canon R7 Grey (10361)

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Use your Canon R7 camera to capture photos and video in the surf, at the pool, or in any other aquatic environment with the  Aquatech EDGE Canon R7 Grey (10361). The EDGE Sports housing features a depth rating of 10m and offers tactile push-button controls for accessing important camera functions, and its small profile and ergonomic design allow for easy handling in the water.

The EDGE Sports housing is compatible with AquaTech's P-Series lens ports, and a port is required for use of the housing. A glass eyepiece provides a clear view of the camera's electronic viewfinder. The housing has a standard left-side grip and a right-side palm stopper, which helps steady the unit when shooting video. The palm stopper can be replaced with an optional standard right-side handle. The quick release back plate is self-guided, so you'll know your controls are lined up properly. This housing is also compatible with the AquaTech M3 Pistol Grip.


Compatibility Canon R7

Depth Rating: 10m
Tactile Push-Button Controls
Glass Eyepiece for Best View of EVF
Stainless Steel/Anodized Aluminum Parts
Lens Port Required
Slim Form Factor for Ease of Handling
Compatible with P-Series Ports
Right-Side Palm Stopper
Polyurethane Body

Depth rating of 10m

Controls, Handling, and Operation

Compatible with AquaTech P-Series lens ports (lens port required for operation)
Ergonomic design with left-side grip and right-side palm stopper
Compatible with AquaTech M3 Pistol Grip
Provides access to the following camera functions via mechanical, push-button controls on housing backplate: menu, rate, on/off, multi controller left; right, AF-ON, AE lock, AF point selection, erase button, play back, magnify, “Q” button, info, quick control dial 1, quick control dial 2

Construction Details

Made from durable polycarbonate
Controls made of stainless steel and hard-anodized aluminum
Self-locating quick release back plate
Four quick release clips