Edelkrone Controller v2

Edelkrone Controller v2

Edelkrone Controller v2

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Automate your camera workflow without the need for an app with the Edelkrone Controller v2. This updated pocket-sized controller is engineered to work with edelkrone motion-controlled sliders, jibs, heads, and dollies. The controller v2 now allows you to control the rig wirelessly from up to 82' away or via a separately available 3.5mm wired link cable from up to 131' away. It features a larger OLED display and can also utilize the Link Hub to control multiple wired devices at the same time.

The controller is powered using two separately available AA batteries, and the v2 model has been updated to have a battery life for 10+ hours when using wireless control and 23+ hours when using wired control (depending on the type of AA batteries used). Simply use the directional pad to move your device into position and press one of the three buttons to record the position. Positions can also be set manually and recorded with devices that allow hand control. For each position, speed, acceleration, and any axis can be adjusted, such as slide, swing, pan, tilt, and focus.


New in Controller v2

  • Double wireless battery life (10+ hours depending on the type of battery used)
  • Quadrupled wired battery life (23+ hours depending on the type of battery used)
  • Bigger, easier-to-read OLED display
  • Wired connection option to a single device, or multiple-device wired connection when used with Link Hub
  • 131' total cable length for a fully wired option
  • Gesture control mode

Additional Features

  • Up to an 82' wireless range
  • Wired control via optional 3.5mm link cable
  • Instant wireless pairing with your edelkrone device
  • Join paired group
  • Firmware upgradeable to gain new functionality
  • Powered by two AA batteries (not included)
  • Wrist strap included

Wireless Connection Compatibility

  • HeadPLUS v2
  • HeadPLUS PRO v2
  • Slide Module v2/v3
  • JibONE v1/v2
  • DollyONE
  • DollyPLUS
  • DollyPLUS PRO
  • HeadONE
  • SliderONE v2
  • SliderONE PRO v2
  • Pan PRO
  • FocusPLUS PRO

Time-Lapse Programming

The Controller v2 gives you the ability to easily create smooth time-lapse shots with your motion-controlled device. Enter the duration, shutter speed, and interval with the controller, then set the start and end poses with two of the three buttons. Simply press and hold the select button to begin the time-lapse movement.



Compatibility edelkrone Sliders, Heads, Dollies
edelkrone Link Hub
Connector 1 x 3.5 mm Link, Female
Operating Distance Wireless: 82' / 25 m
Wired: 131' / 40 m
Display OLED
  • For edelkrone Motion-Controlled Devices
  • Wired up to 131', Wireless up to 82'
  • 3.5mm Link Connector for Wired Control
  • Wired Battery Life up to 23+ Hours
  • Firmware Upgradeable for New Functions
  • Control Devices without an App
  • 3 x Programmable Buttons
  • Create Custom Time-Lapse Shots
  • Wireless Battery Life up to 10+ Hours
  • Powered by 2 x Separate AA Batteries