Gravity GLS431B Lighting Stand

Gravity GLS431B Lighting Stand

Gravity GLS431B Lighting Stand

This Gravity GLS431B Lighting Stand is in great physical and working condition and shows only minimal general wear attributable to prior use. Included are 2x stands, bag and the original packaging.

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Gravity GLS431B Lighting Stand

Gravity GLS431B Lighting Stand with Square Steel Base is made with the same rigourous engineering seen in all Gravity Stand and Accessories. The Gravity GLS431B lighting stand is built for reliable functionality and longevity, providing easy setup and height adjustment. Featuring a large heavy steel base providing both durable construction and firm footing. Three M20 female threads that allow mounting extra weights off-centre, designed to withstand harsh treatment in everyday life on the road or in the studio. The 35 mm extension with female threaded M10 insert permits a maximum height of 2.4 m. Two integrated base handles to facilitate quick and easy handling for transport. Committed to superior design, workmanship and functionality, a 5-year warranty on all Gravity products is provided.

  • Large heavy steel base for stability
  • Base with 3 M20 female threads
  • 35 mm extension with M10 female thread
  • 2.4 m maximum height

Product type: Stands and Tripods

Type: Lighting Stands

Tube material: Steel

Tubing colour: Black

Tubing surface: Powder coated

Min height: 1420 mm

Max height: 2420 mm

Transport length: 1420 mm

Height adjustment: set screw and safety pin

Number of extensions: 1

Base material: Steel

Material of height adjustment: Steel

Dimensions Base (W x H x D): 563 x 563 x 15 mm

Base weight: 14 kg

Interchangeable rings: 1 x 30 mm

Black ring pack included: Yes

Max. load capacity: 20 kg

Weight: 17,8 kg