PDMOVIE Remote Air Pro 3 Triple Channel Wireless Follow Focus System

PDMOVIE Remote Air Pro 3 Triple Channel Wireless Follow Focus System

PDMOVIE Remote Air Pro 3 Triple Channel Wireless Follow Focus System

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The PDMOVIE Remote Air Pro 3 Triple Channel Wireless Follow Focus System includes a wireless receiving motor, two slave motors for controlling a second and third lens functions, and a handwheel that integrates focus, zoom, and iris control. The handwheel has a wireless range of 328' and supports 19 wireless channels, allowing you to find the cleanest signal path even when using multiple motors in a FIZ (focus, iris, zoom) setup. An available iOS app allows you to control the system with your iOS device from up to 33' away. .

The included receiver motor connects to power and receives the wireless control signals. This motor features a cine-style drive gear with 0.8 MOD and can drive either focus, iris, or zoom on a lens with cine-style gears. It also provides power and control via included cables to the slave motors. The calibration procedure has been simplified and you can calibrate lenses with or without hardstops. Built-in OLED screens on the motors and handwheel provide clear information on the state of your system.


Number of Channels 3
Maximum Range 328' / 99.97 m
Wireless Frequency 2.4 GHz

Key Features of the PDMOVIE Remote Air Pro 3 Triple Channel Wireless Follow Focus System

  • Single Controller, Three Motors
  • Wireless Handwheel Range 328'
  • Bluetooth App Range 33'
  • Handwheel Controls Focus, Zoom, and Iris
  • 19 Wireless Channels
  • Integrated Battery with 30-Hour Runtime
  • 0.8 MOD Cine-Style Drive Gear
  • For Lenses with/without Hardstops
  • OLED Info Screen on Motor and Handwheel


Remote Air App

The controller and receiver motor have a built-in Bluetooth module. An iPhone i0S APP controls the lens, lens data, and set automated lens movements.

Handwheel Controller

The controller features a 75mm diameter large follow control handwheel, which is more effective when using the palm of your hand to pull focus, or when wearing gloves. With 1/4"-20 mounting holes, it can be easily attached to the included handle or mounted on virtually any handle, monitor, or arm.

Focus, Iris, Zoom

The handwheel incorporates a focus controller, a zoom rocker, and an iris rocker, allowing you to simultaneously control up to three axes, with the proper number of motors. The focus controller features a built-in LED light and glow-in-the-dark marking disks that allow you to see your custom markings while in low-light situations.

Battery Life

The controller uses a replaceable 600mAh battery, supports hot plug, and features a battery life of 12 hours.

Data Display

The controller and receiver motor both use the same data display mode, and the LED screens are placed so that the data can be easily read.

All-in-One Control Button

The Remote Air Pro 3 features an all-in-one multifunction button. It allows you to quickly set the signal channel, control channel, motor speed, and remote recording.

Remote Run/Stop

The handwheel controller is compatible with RED and ARRI as well as LANC control of your camera's run/stop

Handwheel Handle

The Remote Air Pro 3 includes a redesigned handle from previous versions. You can now mount and unmount the handwheel from the handle. The handle incorporates nine 1/4"-20 mounting holes that allow you to mount accessories such as a mobile device, monitor, wireless receiver, and lanyard. The handle is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and durable rubber.

Wired or Wireless

If you want to operate the focus controller in wired mode, simply connect the 6-pin motor drive cable from the motor to the controller.

Motor Improvements

  • The Remote Air motor is 0.67" thick, down from the previous generation's 0.75"
  • It also has twice the amount of torque of the previous motor
  • The motor also has 8192 DPI (steps of resolution), which is significantly higher than the previous versions 1920 DPI, this provides the motor with increased accuracy
  • The receiver motor's OLED screen has been moved to the side for easier viewing. It can display the signal channel, signal strength, and the controller's battery information

Motor Power

The new MOTOR AIR supports 7 to 20V input voltage, which means that it can now be used with a 7.2V power supply.


You can calibrate your lens manually or automatically, adjust the lens spe

Motor Torque

SThe PD-RX REMOTE AIR Receiver Motor features 0.5 Nm of torque. The PDMOVIE MX Motor features 0.8 Nm of torque. The PDMOVIE Motor Pro (the slave motor) features 1.2 Nm of torque, useful with stiff zoom lenses.