V-Gear VG-2KS V-Mount Charger

V-Gear VG-2KS V-Mount Charger

V-Gear VG-2KS V-Mount Charger + VG-130S 130WH Li-ion Battery

Package Includes: - V-Gear VG-2KS V-Mount Charger (V-Gear VG-130S 130WH Li-ion V-Lock Battery) - V-Gear VG-2KS V-Mount Charger

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V-Gear VG-130S 130WH Li-ion V-Lock Battery

The V-Gear VG-series of Professional Li-ion Camera Batteries has been designed for use with today’s professional broadcast cameras, recorders and lighting systems compatible with the Sony BP-series battery packs. The V-Gear Professional Li-ion Camera Batteries feature the latest in ultra-reliable Li-ion cell technology together with the excellent size/weight to amp-hour capacity ratio giving you the benefit of a reliable and stable power source for your camera. A D-Tap power socket is also included as standard on each battery to allow for the powering of ancillary equipment.

The VG-130S is a 14.8V, 130Wh Lithium-ion V-Mount battery that will run for 4.5 hours at 30W. The VG-130S uses high quality A grade Sony or Sanyo cells and will power all broadcast video cameras including Sony XDCAM, Panasonic P2, Digital Betacam and Betacam SX. The VG-130S will also power JVC prosumer cameras such as the JVC 251 and the Sony EX3 (via a Bebob COCOEX3V).

V-Gear batteries can be charged using the V-Gear VG-2KS Portable Li-ion V-Mount Dual Battery Charger, the V-Gear VG-4KS Portable Li-ion V-Mount Quad Battery Charger or the V-Gear VG-T1D Portable Travel Charger. Also, V-Gear batteries are fully compatible with other manufacturer's chargers such as the Sony BP series.

V-Gear VG-2KS V-Mount Charger

The V-Gear VG-2KS is a portable battery charger that has been designed to recharge two V-Mount type Li-ion batteries simultaneously. The VG-2KS charger also outputs a 15V DC power supply so that you can power a camera or VTR.