Canon DM-E1D Digital Microphone

Canon DM-E1D Digital Microphone

Canon DM-E1D Digital Microphone

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  • External Mic for Select EOS Cameras
  • Connects via Multi-Function Shoe
  • No Internal Battery or Cabling Required
  • 90/120° Stereo & Shotgun Modes
  • Settings Adjustment via Camera
  • Windscreen Included

The Canon DM-E1D Digital Microphone is a compact external microphone dedicated to select Canon cameras featuring a Multi-Function Shoe. It offers a range of directional control for improved audio quality when recording videos. This dedicated mic utilizes the Multi-Function Shoe to provide power and a digital connection, meaning no batteries or cabled connections are required for use. The streamlined design carries over to settings control, too, with the mic solely featuring a Menu button to bring up a menu on the connected camera for making adjustments and settings changes.

Key Features of the Canon DM-E1D Digital Microphone

  • Compatible with Canon cameras featuring a Multi-Function Shoe, this mic digitally connects to the camera with this connection and also receives power from it; no batteries or connection cables required.
  • Digital connection greatly reduces buzzing or unwanted noise in audio recordings.
  • Three separate pickup settings are available to suit a variety of shooting needs
  • Menu button works in conjunction with the camera's own menu system, and microphone settings adjustments can be made via the camera interface.
  • The included windscreen helps to reduce peripheral sound from wind or other ambient sounds for cleaner, more focused playback.


The Canon DM-E1D is powered by your camera through the new multi shoe adapter. When used with you R3, enjoy crisp audio without the need for wires or worry about battery replacement.


The DM-E1D allows you to shoot in a noisy environment without recording much ambient noise. The microphone structure blocks entry of noise interference caused by external sources, capturing sharp digital audio even in louder environments.


With 3 types of directivity Shotgun, 90˚ and 120˚, there's a setting for most environments . This allows you to capture rich audio without the hassle of using multiple microphones.

  • Shotgun is a focused recording mode that picks up a narrow band of sound in front of the camera, making it suitable for dialogues, single musical instruments, or other specific subjects.
  • 90° stereo recording mode is suitable for a single subject and adds some audio context to the sides to suit recording small groups of people.
  • 120° stereo recording mode offers a wider angle of sound that is ideal for recording larger groups in more expansive areas, such as a band on stage or an outdoor party.


The Canon DM-E1D only has one button at the back of the unit, allowing all settings to be easily managed from the camera screen.

  • MPN - DM-E1D
  • GTIN - 4549292185782
Type Back electret condenser stereo microphone
Directivity Shotgun (monaural), 90˚ (stereo) and 120˚ (stereo)
Sensitivity Sharp directive (shotgun): -16 dB (1 kHz, 0 dB=1 V/Pa)
Single directive (90): -18.7 dB (1 kHz, 0 dB=1 V/Pa)
Single directive (120): -20 dB (1 kHz, 0 dB=1 V/Pa)
Frequency 100 to 10000 Hz
Audio output Digital 16-bit
Working temperature/humidity 0 to 40 ˚C / 32 to 104 ˚F
Dimensions (approx) 41.3 (W) x 87.4 (H) x 108.6 (D) mm
1.63 (W) x 3.44 (H) x 4.28 (D) in.
Weight 136g / 4.80 oz.