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The Leica Ultravid Silverline Binoculars - for the perfect spectator experience.Leica's Silverline binoculars are also known as the Leica Silverline Ultravid Binoculars. Leica's Silverline Ultravid binoculars are part of its larger Ultravid range, renowned for its quality and stunning clarity - despite it's compact size, you can rest assured that these binos are the highest quality compact binoculars you'll ever experience.On the edge of your seat, there's a silence that falls over the audience. Squeaks of rubber shoes on clay, you can practically hear the raised pulses and beads of sweat hitting the court. The racquet comes down with a resounding smack, and - was that ball in or out? With the Leica Silverline 10x25 Binoculars, you'll never have to wonder. With the Silverline binoculars, you'll know you're in the centre of all the action. You can see every detail; from the freckles on the players' faces to the brand of their sneakers, the Leica Silverline will deliver quality, time after time. Representing the pinnacle of quality in spectator binoculars, the Leica Silverline 10x25 Binoculars is the very best.A Quality PerformerThe Leica Silverline 10x25 Binoculars is a marvel of engineering - precision made down to the finest of details. Leica's specially developedHDCTM multi-lens coating ensures excellent colourfidelity and high contrast. Thanks to the breath-taking clarity of the image, you know immediately whether that serve made the cut. Convenient and PortableKnow what's the best thing? The Silverline's neatly compact design means that you can slip them into your jacket pocket and carry them with you wherever you go - making them a practical and immensely helpful companion for every outing.Key Features- Phase-coated roof prisms - Internal focusing allows binocular to remain a constant length - 3.5 Dioptric correction - 34-74mm Interpupillary adjustment range - Waterproof, nitrogen-purged housing AquaDura Lens Coating =Repels water and residue on outer gla

Leica 10x25 Ultravid Binoculars

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