Midnight Optics Explorer Binoculars w/ Helmet Kit

Midnight Optics Explorer Binoculars w/ Helmet Kit

Midnight Optics Explorer Binoculars w/ Helmet Kit

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The Midnight Optics Explorer Binoculars w/ Helmet Kit represents the latest in affordable and great value night vision. Featuring the latest generation low-light sensor, the Midnight Optics Explorer Binoculars create a full HD view in both day and night. With an in-built 850nm infrared illuminator, this provides visibility up to 300m in complete darkness.

The Midnight Optics Explorer Helmet Kit is the premium offering in the range and comes with an ABS Helmet and Dovetail Mounting system, giving you everything you need to operate hands free.

The Midnight Optics Explorer range is ideal for camping, hiking, bird watching, fishing, search and rescue, surveillance, hunting trips and wildlife spotting.

Note: Product is shown in use for illustration only, additional equipment is not included.



Photo Resolution 8M(3840*2160)、5M(3200*1800)、3M(2560*1440)、 2M(1920*1080)、1M(1280*720
Video Resolution FHD(1920x1080P@30FPS ),HD(1280x720@30FPS )
Sensor 1.3MP starlight sensor
LCD Display Built-in dual-screen 1.4" 390x390 TFT inner screen, switch freely between single-screen and dual-screen, 7 times magnification
Eyepiece Fully independent dual-scree nbinocular technology, can adjust the visual compesnsation of left and right eyes independently (refractive adjustment range +/-3, that is, nearsightedness, farsightedness 300 adjustment compesnation), 7 times magnification
IR LED 3W, 850nm high power IR, 7 levels of IR brightness adjustment
Lens F14 Aperture, f=25mm, FOV=10º
Auto Off 1 min/3 mins/5mins/10mins/OFF
Observation Distance 250-300 meters all dark observation distance, 1m~infinity weak light observation distance
Zoom 8x digital zoom
Power Supply 3.7V, 3000 mAh lithium battery
Operation & Storage Temperature Operation Temperature: -20ºC to +50ºC, Storage Temperature: -30ºC to +60ºC
Dimensions & Weight Approx. 152mm x 122mm x 55mm, 400g

Key Features of the Midnight Optics Explorer Binoculars w/ Helmet Kit