Canon CN-R 50mm T1.3 L F Cinema Prime Lens (Canon RF)

Canon CN-R 50mm T1.3 L F Cinema Prime Lens (Canon RF)

Canon CN-R 50mm T1.3 L F Cinema Prime Lens (Canon RF)

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Suited for full-frame cinema cameras with RF lens mount compatibility, the Canon CN-R 50mm T1.3 L F Cinema Prime Lens renders crisp images with rich contrast. An 11-blade iris and maximum T1.3 aperture make for a natural bokeh effect with a wide depth of field and smooth image falloff. A consistent warm color balance ensures natural color reproduction particularly suited for skin tone capture. The dual-pixel focus guide reduces focus breathing while providing framing stability. Lens markings are displayed in feet, and the focus ring rotates 300° for precision.


Focal Length 50mm
Maximum Aperture T1.3
Lens Mount Canon RF
Lens Format Coverage Full Frame
Filter Thread 105 mm
Image Stabilization No
Electronic Communication Yes
Interchangeable Mount No
Angle of View Full Frame
Vertical: 39.6°
Horizontal: 27°
Focus Scales Imperial
Filter Thread 105 mm
Minimum Focus Distance From Unspecified Point in Lens: 17.72" / 0.45 m
Diaphragm Blades 11
Gear Standard 0.8 MOD
Gear Rotation Focus 300°
Coatings Multi-Coating
Diameter Front: 4.5" / 114 mm
Length 4.9" / 125.5 mm
Weight 2.65 lb / 1.2 kg

Key Features of the Canon CN-R 50mm T1.3 L F Cinema Prime Lens (Canon RF)

  • RF Mount Prime Designed for Cine Use
  • For Full-Frame Sensors
  • 11-Blade Iris, Multicoated Lens
  • 8K HDR Image Capture
  • Dual-Pixel Focus Guide, Metadata Capture
  • 300° Focus Rotation
  • Distortion Correction with Select Cams

8K HDR Image Capture

The CN-R lenses are rated for 8K HDR image capture for high-quality colour rendition and sharp detail throughout your image. Multiple lens coatings correct various aberrations and create the Canon-characteristic warm image tone. Colour reproduction is consistent across the series, minimizing the need for colour correction in posts. The 8K chromatic aberration correction reduces colour bleeding, while the light-shielding design and optimized coatings prevent unwanted ghosting or flares.

Select Camera Compatibility

Currently, the CN-R lens series brings select feature compatibility to Canon EOS C70 and R5 C camera models. This includes distortion correction, which is facilitated via high-speed data transfer for transferring metadata and lens characteristics directly to the camera. Dual-pixel focus guides, peripheral illumination, and chromatic aberration correction are exclusive to these camera models as well.

Intuitive Lens Switching

Common gearing positions, 114mm front diameter, 105mm filter diameter, and shared focus rotation range ensure consistency across the lens series. Use the same follow-focus system, matte box, lens filters, or other tools, no matter the focal length mounted on your camera.