FujiFilm X-T50 Charcoal Silver Body w/ XC15-45mm Lens (HB) Compact System Camera

FujiFilm X-T50 Charcoal Silver Body w/ XC15-45mm Lens (HB) Compact System Camera

FujiFilm X-T50 Charcoal Silver Body w/ XC15-45mm Lens (HB) Compact System Camera

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Technical Details:

Experience the perfect blend of portability, performance, and image quality with the FujiFilm X-T50 Charcoal Silver Body paired with the XC15-45mm Lens. Crafted to cater to the needs of both enthusiasts and professionals, this compact system camera offers exceptional versatility and ease of use, making it an ideal companion for capturing stunning imagery in any situation.

The X-T50 boasts a lightweight body weighing just approximately 438g, ensuring effortless portability without compromising on functionality. It features the advanced back-illuminated 40.2-megapixel "X-Trans™ CMOS 5 HR" sensor, coupled with the high-speed image processing prowess of the "X-Processor 5.” Additionally, its 5-axis In Body Image Stabilisation function provides up to 7.0 stops of stabilization, ensuring sharp and blur-free images even in challenging shooting conditions.

Key Features:

  • Compact and Lightweight Design: The FujiFilm X-T50 is designed for portability without compromising on performance. Its compact size and lightweight build make it the perfect companion for travel and everyday shooting.
  • Versatile Lens Compatibility: The included XC15-45mm lens provides a versatile focal range, ideal for capturing everything from landscapes to portraits. Plus, the X-T50 is compatible with FujiFilm's extensive lineup of XF and XC lenses, allowing you to expand your creative possibilities.
  • Advanced Technology for Stunning Results: With a 26.1MP sensor, powerful X-Processor 4, and advanced autofocus system, the X-T50 delivers exceptional image quality and fast, accurate focusing, even in challenging shooting conditions. Whether you're capturing stills or recording videos, you can trust this camera to deliver impressive results every time.

Top three reasons why we think you will love this product:

  • Versatile Shooting Options: Equipped with the XC15-45mm Lens, the X-T50 provides a versatile focal range suitable for various shooting scenarios, from wide-angle landscapes to close-up portraits. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors or capturing everyday moments, this camera offers the flexibility to adapt to your creative vision.
  • Ease of Use: Designed with user convenience in mind, the X-T50 features intuitive controls and a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to photographers of all skill levels. With its compact size and lightweight construction, you can carry it with you wherever you go, ensuring you never miss a photo opportunity.
  • Enhanced Creativity: Unleash your creativity and express your unique vision with the X-T50's array of creative features, including advanced film simulations, customizable settings, and built-in creative filters. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring enthusiast, this camera empowers you to push the boundaries of your creativity and capture stunning images that stand out from the crowd.
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