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Olympus TG5

3 ⭐⭐⭐ This Olympus Tough TG-5 has been fully tested and serviced by our team of camera experts and works perfectly. It does show some signs of superficial wear, particularly to the LCD screen, but after all you need to be able to use your rental! All the photos to the left are of the item you would receive so you can take a look (yes, we really have someone downstairs photographing every preloved product), any obvious wear or marks have been highlighted so you can see for yourself. Includes: battery, AC adaptor, USB cable, wrist strap and user manuals.

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  • TruePic VIII advanced Image Processor

  • High resolution F2.0 and 4x zoom lens

  • 4K video & high-speed 240fps HD recording

  • Variable Macro System, Microscope Mode & Pro Capture

  • Tough performance: 2.1m Shockproof, 100kgf Crushproof,15m Waterproof, Dustproof, -10°C Freezeproof, Anti-fog

  • Field Sensor System: GPS, Temperature, Manometer, Compass

The Olympus Tough TG-5 includes a highly revered, high-speed f/2.0*2 lens, along with a new high-speed back-lit CMOS image sensor, and the latest TruePic VIII image processor, delivering higher quality images than ever before.

The Field Sensor System*1 the TG-5 is equipped with records data such as latitude/longitude, temperature, and altitude/depth. With reliable Tough performance the TG-5 can withstand even the most punishing environments with waterproof down to depths of 15m*3, dustproof*4, shockproof to 2.1m*5, crushproof to 100 kgf*6, freezeproof down to -10 ºC*7 including a new anti-fog*8 feature.

The inclusion of 4K Movie and full HD high-speed movie at 120fps*9 ensures an excellent all-round shooting experience.

Built-in WiFi and smartphone connectivity have also been maintained for quick and easy sharing. Controls have been further refined to allow for easier navigation and use of the new and improved features and modes such as Variable Macro System and Pro Capture.

This is the ultimate Tough camera for capturing high-quality images in split-second moments under the harshest shooting conditions.

1. The high-speed f/2.0*2 lens, new high-speed back-lit CMOS image sensor, and the latest high-speed TruePic VIII image processor deliver high-quality imagesA synergy between the lens, image sensor, and image processor results in improved high-quality images.

i. High-speed back-lit CMOS image sensor and the latest TruePic VIII image processor

The TG-5 features a high-speed f/2.0*2 lens, a newly developed fast, high-sensitivity high-speed back-lit CMOS image sensor and the latest TruePic VIII image processor used on the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II flagship model. Noise level has been reduced by one step for improved shooting in the standard ISO sensitivity range as well as for shooting in darker environments, providing even higher image quality. The high-speed image processor enables more complex calculations, improving resolution in low contrast sections, especially when shooting at low ISO sensitivities. A new maximum ISO sensitivity of 12800 and RAW recording is also available, covering a wide range of shooting needs.

ii. High-performance, high speed f/2.0 lens at wide-angle settings*2, and focal length coverage from 25mm*10 to 100mm*10

The high-speed lens enables the ability to select a faster shutter speed when shooting underwater or other difficult shooting conditions to capture moving subjects with minimal blurring. Superb Olympus optical technology is incorporated into the lens, including DSA (Dual Super Aspherical), HD (High Refractive/High Dispersion), and HR (High Refractive Index) lenses to enable high-quality images while reducing aberrations across the entire zoom range.

2. The Field Sensor System*1 adds tracking information to images for reliving the shooting experience

The Field Sensor System integrates a number of sensors that are used to display tracking information on the camera or on a smartphone along with recorded images in the Olympus Image Track (OI.Track) app. Sensors include GPS*11, manometer, temperature, and shooting direction, to record tracking information simultaneously with images. Users can simply press the INFO button even when the camera is off to display current acquired data. Use the OI.Track Version 2.2 smartphone app to simultaneously display images and tracking information, letting you relive the shooting experience.

i. Field Sensor System 

In addition to GPS, longitude and latitude are calculated from GLONASS and QZSS satellite signals for higher precision positioning. The Assist GPS*11 function significantly reduces the amount of time required from the start of positioning until information is acquired.

  • Manometer
Altitude and water depth are calculated based on atmospheric pressure and water pressure information.

  • Temperature Sensor*12
This measures air and water temperature, and is designed to minimize the effects of heat generated within the camera.

  • Compass
This measures the direction the camera lens is pointed in.

ii. Olympus Olympus Image Track Version 2.2,

Smartphone app Linking the camera and smartphone enables simultaneous display of images and tracking information, delivering a rich way to relive the shooting experience. Overlay editing can be used to post images with embedded tracking information to social media. Resizing of images and streaming playback are also available.

3. Reliable Tough performance: Waterproof down to depths of 15 m*3, dustproof*4, shockproof to 2.1 m*5 , crushproof to 100 kgf*6, freezeproof down to -10°C*7, including new anti-fog*8 capability

A hermetically sealed body construction provides waterproof performance down to depths of 15 m for worry-free shooting underwater. This hermetic sealing construction also provides superb dustproof performance so you can feel comfortable using the camera on the beach or in dusty mountainous areas. The TG-5’s excellent shockproof performance is made possible by adopting a floating mechanism. The main parts in the body float so that the camera clears drop tests up to 2.1 m, and is strong enough to withstand loads up to 100 kgf. Operation is guaranteed down to -10°C, making it possible to use in freezing temperatures where other digital devices struggle to function optimally. In addition to these features, the Olympus Tough TG-5 features a dual-pane protective glass construction inside the lens, preventing condensation caused by significant temperature differences.

4. Movie shooting functions including 4K Movie and Full HD, 120 fps High-speed Movie*9

With 4K Movie it is now possible to shoot at four times the resolution of Full HD. This feature makes it possible to record beautiful scenery in even higher definition. High-speed Movie is included for recording Full HD movies at 120 fps to enable split second capture of moments usually impossible to see with normal vision in high quality and playback in slow motion.


1. Variable Macro System for recording microscopic subjects

The Olympus Tough TG-5 is equipped with four macro modes with a maximum shooting magnification of 7x*10 for capturing microscopic subjects that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Accessories such as the LED Light Guide LG-1 *13 and Flash Diffuser FD-1 *14 expand shooting possibilities. It is also possible to connect the camera to a large-screen monitor via HDMI to observe tiny subjects in high-quality images.

i. Microscope mode
This mode enables close-up shooting from up to 1 cm away from the end of the lens with full functionality of the optical zoom. This feature is perfect for shooting parts of an insect, the veins in a leaf, snowflake crystals, and other details of the natural world that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

ii. Microscope control mode
This mode uses the rear LCD monitor to magnify and display microscopic subjects. For example, you can magnify a subject that is only 1 mm in size up to a maximum of approximately 44.4 mm when displayed on the rear LCD monitor. You can also check the display magnification on the LCD monitor when the subject is 1 cm away from the end of the lens. In addition to switching the magnification factor with the zoom lever, the arrow pad can also be used to switch between 1x, 2x, and 4x with the press of a single button as if changing the objective lens on a real microscope.

iii. Focus stacking mode*15
Traditionally, depth of field becomes extremely shallow during macro shooting. Focus stacking mode, however captures eight shots continuously whilst shifting the focus from the foreground to the background. Only the areas in focus are extracted and merged so that a full pixel (12 million pixel*16 equivalent) photo with a deep depth of field is achieved. This function allows for simple archival quality image capture.

v. Focus bracketing mode
With a single shot, this function captures up to 30 images while shifting the focus from the foreground to the background. You can select the shift amount and number of shots in three levels. This mode is convenient for focusing on low contrast subjects such as flower petals that consist of a single colour only.

2. HDMI connection for viewing high-quality images on a large screen

The HDMI connection makes it possible to view images (live view image) in 4K resolution on a large screen. With the LED Light Guide, LG-1 *13, it makes it possible to observe a subject on a flat surface with the camera covering the subject.

3. Superb controls for smooth shooting even in tough situations

The grip shape and thickness were fine tuned to provide a better grip on the camera. This new design makes it possible to smoothly operate the controls even in difficult outdoor environments, even while wearing gloves. A new control dial is included, making it easy to adjust shooting settings such as exposure compensation. An accessory lock button is equipped on the front of the camera to prevent attached system accessories from falling off the camera, such as converter lenses and the LED Light Guide LG-1 *13. Movie Mode is now selectable on the mode dial. A variety of shooting settings can be registered to two Custom Modes for instant use. These features all combine to make the TG-5 an easy camera to use outdoors in all conditions.
  • Underwater mode for easy and beautiful underwater photos
  • Grid display convenient for checking and deciding on a composition
  • Highly versatile micro USB connector

  • Newly equipped with Focus Peaking and MF assistance convenient for manual focusing
  • Pro Capture Mode allows for high precision lag free image capture
  • Live Composite perfect for fireworks and star trails capture
  • HDR shooting delivers a rich range of tonal expressions by merging multiple images
  • Olympus Image Share Version 3.1 is equipped with expanded remote shooting features
  • 14 different types of Art Filters for enhanced photographic expressions

REFERENCE 1. Because the GPS and other field sensors are not intended for use as strictly accurate measurement functions, under no circumstances are measured values (such as: longitude and latitude, shooting direction, temperature) guaranteed. Additionally, information may differ from actual circumstances due to effects of events such as natural disasters.
2. At the wide angle of a focal length of 25mm (35mm equivalent).
3. Waterproof performance is JIS/IEC protection class 8 (IPX8) equivalent. All measurements are according to Olympus testing conditions, and do not guarantee protection from damage or malfunction under all conditions.
4. Dustproof performance is JIS/IEC protection class 6 (IP6X) equivalent. All measurements are according to Olympus testing conditions, and do not guarantee protection from damage or malfunction under all conditions.
5. The Olympus Tough TG-5 is provided with shockproofing to 2.1 m (compliant with MIL-STD810F). These models cleared drop tests under Olympus in-house testing conditions, however Olympus does not guarantee protection from damage or malfunction under all conditions. Olympus in-house shockproof testing conditions: Drop height: 2.1 m, Drop surface: Plywood (lauan laminate), Drop orientation: A total of 26 directions for each surface, each side, and each corner, Number of drop times: Drop test was performed once for each direction.
6. Kilogram-force (kgf) is the unit for measuring force exerted on an object. All measurements are according to Olympus testing conditions, and do not guarantee protection from damage or malfunction under all conditions.
7. The number of recordable still images is reduced at low temperatures.
8. All measurements are according to Olympus testing conditions.
9. Movie size: 120 fps (1980x1080), 240 fps (1280x720). Movie recording time is limited.
10. 35mm equivalent
11. To use GPS Assist data, information must be updated via the internet. A PC or smartphone with an internet connection is required. GPS Assist Data must be updated every 2 weeks. Depending on the country/region of use, different laws and regulations may be applicable regarding the use of the GPS function. Be sure to follow local laws and regulations. Be sure to turn off the GPS function in places where its use is forbidden or restricted, such as inside airplanes. The camera is not equipped with a navigation function. GPS is a positioning measurement system that uses signals received from orbiting satellites. For better reception, avoid locations where signals can be blocked or reflected. Use the camera in as open location as possible where the sky is clearly visible. It may not be possible to obtain positioning information, or positioning information may be incorrect in the following locations: Indoors, underground or underwater, in forests, near tall buildings, near highvoltage lines, inside tunnels, near magnets, metal, or electronic appliances, near mobile phones that operate in the 1.5 GHz band.
12. Available only in Log Mode.
13. The camera does not clear Olympus shockproof and crushproof tests when this accessory is attached to the camera. The LG- 1 uses the camera’s LED light and cannot fire on its own. The camera flash is not available when the LG-1 is attached. The LG-1 cannot be used underwater.
14. The camera does not clear Olympus shockproof and crushproof tests when this accessory is attached to the camera. The FD- 1 uses the camera’s flash and cannot fire on its own. The camera LED light is not available when the FD-1 is attached. The FD-1 can be used underwater.
15. Use of a tripod is recommended. Processing may take longer than usual.
16. Effective pixels
17. The Field Sensor System will not operate properly when the camera is installed in the underwater case. Make sure to set the Log Lever to the off position when using the case. Use together with silica gel for best results.
18. Step-up Ring PSUR-03 is required for use with this accessory.
19. Because the silicone has an anti-slip texture, it may not be possible to use other camera