Polaroid Now+ Gen 2 - Forest Green

Polaroid Now+ Gen 2 - Forest Green

Polaroid Now+ Gen 2 - Forest Green

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The Polaroid Now+ Gen 2 - Forest Green has an updated material composition with 40% recycled plastic, an updated chipset and a brand new lens. But that's not all - we've also made it even more convenient by having a USB-C charging port so it's compatible with the charging cables you probably already have at home.



Product type Instant camera
Shutter speed Only camera 1/200 - 1 s; Bulb mode (App mode) 1/200 - 30 s
Power supply Li-ion rechargeable battery
Factory colour Green
Width 112.2 mm
Height 95.5 mm
Depth 150.2 mm
Weight 451.5 g
Dimension (W x H x D) 112.2 x 95.5 x 150.2 mm

Key Features of the Polaroid Now+ Gen 2 - Forest Green

  • Standard lens: 102.35 mm (40mm/35 equivalent); close-up lens: 94.96 mm (35mm/35 equivalent)
  • Horizontal 40°; vertical 41°
  • adjust output vacuum discharge tube flash system
  • Lithium-ion battery (UN3481)
  • Material: Outer casing: Polycarbonate + ABS-plastic; Objective: Polycarbonate-resin

Connect and create more

Unlock additional creative tools in the Polaroid Mobile APP. Find the focus easily with the aperture priority and create photos ready for film with the stand mode. Get these two new tools, including Light Painting, Dual Exposure, Manual Mode and more.

5 lens filters for every mood

With 5 experimental lens filters, including Starburst, Red Vignette, Orange, Blue and Yellow, You can immerse your photos in color, enhance the contrast, or add dreamy effects. They are securely kept in the supplied zip pocket.


Polaroid Now+ selects the right lens to focus on your idea.

Rechargeable battery

Includes USB charging cable so that you can let your creativity flow.