Olympus OM-D E-M5

The E-M5 is the first model in the new epoch-making OM Digital series. Featuring an integrated 1.44 megapixel digital viewfinder, 16 megapixel LiveMOS image sensor and OLED touchscreen, it is the...

Olympus OM-D E-M5

Olympus OM-D E-M5

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The E-M5 is the first model in the new epoch-making OM Digital series. Featuring an integrated 1.44 megapixel digital viewfinder, 16 megapixel LiveMOS image sensor and OLED touchscreen, it is the world’s fastest auto-focusing camera and is equipped with the world’s most advanced image stabiliser built into its weather-proof alloy body.

High Resolution Digital Viewfinder

The integrated 1.44 megapixel Digital Viewfinder features advanced aspherical optics, 18mm eyepoint and a 100% field of view. The Olympus E-M5 immerses the you fully into the creative process through a genuine WYSIWYG experience.

Exposure, colour and filter effects are seen live, not after the picture has been taken. Built-in diopter adjustable.

World's Fastest Autofocus Speed*

The E-M5 sets a new AF speed benchmark using its FAST-AF technology with 35 AF zones and 3D AF tracking. Sensor frequency improvements allow for information to be sent from the imaging sensor to the TruePic VI processor at a rate of 240fps. *

World's Most Advanced Image Stabiliser

The E-M5's groundbreaking 5-axis stabilisation system provides near foolproof shake compensation, counteracting pitch, yaw, roll, and horizontal and vertical translational movements. This new system has a maximum -5 EV stabilisation capability. It also has the ability to show a Live image-stabilised view and is effective for both stills and video shooting. The body-integrated nature of the system means that all lenses used with the camera are stabilised, eliminating the need for costly specialised lenses. Even heritage manual focus lenses that are non-electronically coupled can benefit from stabilisation.

Full HD video with Multi-motion image stabilisation

The E-M5 captures broadcast quality video in Linear PCM stereo sound. Rolling shutter effects are virtually eliminated ensuring the video capture quality is aberration free. Combined with the world's most effective stabilisation system, the E-M5 delivers a truly unique video capturing experience for casual and enthusiast videographers.

16 megapixel LiveMOS high-speed image sensor

The new high resolution, high sensitivity - low noise imaging sensor found in the E-M5 provides a maximum sensitivity of up to 25600 ISO. Fantastic results can even be had in a wide variety of lighting conditions allowing for clean image output in both captured detail and colour in well lit and dark shooting environments.

TruePic VI advanced image processor

The latest TruePic processor provides a new level of image quality with even better noise processing for cleaner and clearer pictures and superior video processing results with significantly reduced aliasing. Multi-cored processing technology ensures that the E-M5 will be able to keep up with your shooting needs no matter the shooting conditions and allows for accurate autofocusing even in trying lighting conditions.

Splashproof and Dustproof metal alloy chassis

For all-weather shooting, the E-M5 is the first weather-sealed compact system camera in the world when used with Olympus' weather proof lenses. Whether you are shooting in a tropical rainforest environment or fighting the harsh elements in dusty arid desert, the E-M5 will be able to survive even in the harshest of weather conditions.

9 frames per second sequential shooting rate

High readout speeds and extremely quick image processing enables the E-M5 the ability to shoot sequentially up to a speed of nine frames per second. Capture all the action whether it is the fastest of sports or the quickest of wildlife. Combined with the world's fastest focusing system, the E-M5 is a camera that can keep up with your fast paced needs.

3-inch tilting OLED touch-screen

A brilliant OLED screen with 610,000 pixels provides crystal clear LiveView and image playback. Touchscreen control enables one-touch tap shooting with autofocusing as well as touch-enabled playback control. The tilt-mechanism enables an upwards angle of 80 degrees and downwards of 50 degrees.