Canon XA25

The XA25 is a Compact, High-Performance Professional Camcorder.

The XA25 offers a unique combination of high-precision optics, outstanding image processing, multiple recording formats, flexible connectivity and intuitive user features.

Canon XA25

The professional camcorder is in good condition and has been fully serviced. Includes lens hood, all cable, remote and charger all in original packaging. #52600205

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The XA25 Professional Camcorder features a 1/2.84", 1920 x 1080 CMOS sensor that captures video at various frame rates up to 59.94p, including a true 24p mode for a more cinematic feel. The integrated Canon 20x HD Optical zoom lens has a 35mm equivalent zoom range of 26.8 to 576mm and features an 8-bladed iris to render highlights in a more natural manner.

Canon's Digic DV 4 high-speed image-processing engine powers Canon's Dynamic IS (Image Stabilization) mode reducing image distortion over traditional up-down left-right image stabilization by adding correction for camera roll in three axes. The power of the Digic DV 4 allows the camera to simultaneously encode your video to two different codecs and bit rates, allowing you to have web-ready versions of your master footage available as soon as you stop recording.

The XA25 features both a 3.5" OLED Touch Panel view screen with a 10,000:1 contrast ratio, and a color electronic viewfinder with 1,560,000 dots of resolution. The camera features full manual control and auto modes for exposure, focus, white balance, gain, and shutter speed. The camera provides professional features such as a pre-record buffer, peaking, zebra bars, color bars, and reference tone. The zoom speed is adjustable with variable, constant (with 16 different speed levels), fast, normal and slow settings. The camera features a detachable top handle with zoom toggle, record start/stop, IR emitter, tally light, accessory shoe, external mic holder and two XLR connectors with phantom power and manual audio level controls. The XA25 includes a built-in headphone jack and an HDMI mini connector, and outputs composite video and audio via a 3.5 mm four pole mini jack. The XA25 also features a built-in SD/HD-SDI output with embedded audio and time code via a BNC connector.

Two built-in SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card slots allow you to record video to available media cards in both slots at the same time. This allows you to create an instant back up copy for archiving and data protection or you can capture high resolution AVCHD or MP4 video files on one card while creating a lower data rate MP4 more suitable for the web on the other card. When using two media cards and the camera is in Relay mode, there is no need to stop shooting to swap out a full media card. When one card becomes full, recording seamlessly switches to the other card. Built-in dual-band Wi-Fi allows you FTP video files directly from the camera, or playback footage from the memory cards to Wi-Fi enabled TVs and Computers. You can also remotely control select camera functions from a smart phone or tablet over Wi-Fi, freeing you from remote cables.
Canon Native 1920 x 1080 CMOS Sensor. The XA25 features a new 1/2.84-inch HD CMOS Image Sensor with 2.91 Mp. The large size of the individual pixels enable a minimum subject illumination of 1.2 lux for shooting in low-light conditions. 


Key Features

- Native 1920 x 1080, 1/2.84" CMOS Sensor
- 20x HD Zoom Lens
- Canon Digic DV 4 Image Processor
- Dynamic Image Stabilization
- 3.5" OLED Touch Panel View Screen
- Manual Camera Controls
- 2 x XLR with Manual/Auto Audio Levels
- SD/HD-SDI, HDMI, Composite
- 2 x SD/SDHC/SDXC Media Card Slots
- Built-in Wi-Fi Connectivity & Control

20x Optical Zoom Lens
The Canon 20x HD Zoom Lens provides a zoom range with 35mm equivalent of 26.8mm-576mm, and a minimum object distance of just 23.6 inches (60cm). The lens features an eight blade iris design providing a more natural look, out of focus areas are smoother and more appealing. The lens features an endless-type manual focus/zoom ring and the built-in power zoom control includes user-programmable direction and sensitivity modes. Zoom speed can be set to variable, constant (with 16 levels), fast, normal or slow. 

Digic DV 4 Image Processor
The DIGIC DV 4 Image Processor works in concert with the HD CMOS Image Sensor to provide images with low noise and rich color depth. It also powers the new Dynamic Mode of the image stabilization system, which is an electronic correction of rotational distortion. The processing power of the Digic DV 4 enables the simultaneous encoding of video to different codecs and bit rates for recording to two separate SD cards at the same time. 

Image Stabilization
The XA25 offers optical image stabilization (IS) useful for reducing image blur in a wide variety of shooting situations. Additional IS modes can be manually selected to enhance the optical image stabilization, or you can select Intelligent IS and allow the camera to identify the appropriate stabilization mode for the situation.

IS Modes
Dynamic IS: improves on standard on translational IS (up-down/left-right) stabilization, by adding three additional corrections - roll axis correction (tilting/rocking of the camera forward and back), horizontal roll correction and vertical roll correction for five-axis correction when shooting on the wide end of the lens.
Macro IS: corrects angular and shift-type shake in wide-angle shots.
Powered IS: corrects for low-frequency camcorder shake when shooting at the long (telephoto) end of the lens

Auto Focus
Canon Auto Focus (AF) features include natural-looking medium-speed, instant, and Face Detection AF, which can significantly reduce the effort required when shooters need to keep a particular face in focus in a jostling crowd or similar situation. 

Advanced Displays
Zebra bars selectable between 70 and 100% are available to help you judge exposure. The features peaking and 2x image magnification as focus aids. Also, the camera can display and record color bars or color bars with reference tone. The color bars comply with the SMPTE standards. Reference tone levels can be set at -12 dB, -18 dB or -20 dB. 

3.5" OLED Touch Panel View Screen and EVF
The 3.5-inch, 1,230,000-dot equivalent Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display provides vivid color and a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. The viewscreen has a viewing angle of over 80 degrees in all directions, which allows you to see a usable image even when you are off angle to the viewscreen. The Color EVF is a 0.24 inch with 1,560,000 dots of resolution, and tilts up to 45° to accommodate different shooting positions. 

Manual Camera Control
The XA25 features selectable manual/automatic control on the camera functions, allowing you to choose the best settings for the situation. Functions include: Exposure, Shutter Speed, Iris, Gain, Exposure Lock, AGC Limit. White Balance features 6 presets (Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent H, and Fluorescent), as well as two manual white balance settings. Additionally when specific adjustment of the color temperature is desired, the color temperature may be adjusted in 100K increments from 2,000 to 15,000K. The cameras body features five user assignable buttons so you can customize the camera to access features without having to enter the menu system. 

High Quality Audio
The XA25 features an integrated mic, and the detachable handle houses 2 XLR Line/Mic level inputs with +48V phantom power for connecting external mics. the detachable handle also houses the manual audio level controls. A built-in 3.5 mm headphone jack with 16 volume settings provides for accurate audio monitoring. 

The XA25 features an AV mini terminal for composite video (and audio) via a four pole 3.5 mm mini jack, a mini HDMI out connector which delivers video, audio and allows you the option of superimposing timecode over your video. SD/HD-SDI and timecode is available via the BNC connector on the side of the camera. 

Media Card Slots
Two SD/SDHC/SDXC card slots are built into the camera allowing you varied recording options. Dual recording: allows you to simultaneously record the same footage to different media cards using different codecs and bit rates
Double-slot recording: allows you to record simultaneously to each of the two SD memory card slots, providing an instant backup for your footage.
Relay recording: the XA25 automatically switches video recording from one memory card to the other when the first memory card becomes full. 

Infrared Shooting Mode
Engaging the Infrared (IR) shooting mode, moves the IR Cut filter out of the optical path for shooting in extreme low light conditions. An IR emitter built into the detachable top handle provides an IR source, and the built-in IR diffuser helps prevent IR hot spots on the subject. In IR mode you can select from the traditional green hued IR image or the default setting, which produces a black and white image. 

Wi-Fi Connectivity
Dual-band Wi-Fi (5GHz and 2.4GHz) support is built into the camera, allowing FTP file transfer of MP4 video. The camera supports a web browser interface that combined with Wi-Fi support allows you to control key features of the camera, including start/stop recording, zoom (limited to three speeds), exposure functions, and focus using a smart phone or tablet. You can also view and download recorded MP4 footage from the camera on a PC or mobile device. When the camera is in playback mode video files can be uploaded to social media websites via the free Movie Uploader app for iOS devices. 

Wired Connectivity
USB - An integrated Hi-Speed USB (mini-B) port allows you to download footage from the memory cards, this port is for output only.

Remote Control Port
The camera features a built-in 2.5 mm stereo mini jack for LANC control. 

Detachable Top Handle
The detachable top handle contains the audio controls and external XLR audio inputs, as well as a tally light and the infrared emitter and accessory shoe. You can remove the top handle from the camera to create an even smaller shooting package. 

The XA25 is compatible with the optional Canon WM-V1 Wireless Bluetooth Microphone. This feature allows high-quality audio to be recorded from up to 164 feet away (50m), making it ideal for events, ceremonies, nature recording and other situations that call for unobtrusive sound recording. With optional earphones attached, the WM-V1 Wireless Microphone can also be used as a two-way intercom. 

Photo capture
The XA25 offers the ability to capture 1920 x 1080 still images. Photos may be captured to an SD memory card during recording, as well as "frame grabbed" during playback.

The XA25 continuously buffers approximately three seconds of video in memory. When you begin recording the contents of the buffer memory are added allowing you to capture footage before you pressed record.

Intelligent battery system
The XA25 is compatible with Canon's Intelligent Lithium-ion batteries, which communicate remaining running time (down to the minute) to the user.

Canon XA20 & XA25 Digital Video Camera Key Feature - Digic4


New DIGIC DV 4 image processing platform.
Canon XA20 & XA25 Digital Video Camera  Key Feature - Full HD

Full HD

New HD CMOS PRO Image Sensor.
Canon XA20 & XA25 Digital Video Camera Key Feature - MP4 Recording

Professional Level MP4 Recording

Supports MP4 (3Mbps) movie recording used for breaking news broadcasts.
Canon XA20 & XA25 Digital Video Camera Key Feature - OLED Touch Screen

OLED Electrostatic Touch Screen

3.5-inch, 1.23 million-dot equivalent OLED electrostatic touch screen.
Canon XA20 & XA25 Digital Video Camera Key Feature - Wide Angle Lens

Wide Angle Lens

Newly developed wide angle lens with 20x optical zoom.
Canon XA20 & XA25 Digital Video Camera Key Feature - WiFi

Wi-Fi Technology

Dual-band, built-in Wi-Fi® technology allows easy FTP file transfer.

Detailed Specifications

XA25 Technical Specifications

Image Sensor

1/2.84 type HD CMOS Pro
Bayer pattern filter
Total pixels per sensor
Approx. 3.09 megapixels
Effective pixels per sensor
Approx. 2.91 megapixels (2136 x 1362)
Minimum illumination
Slow Shutter: 0.1 lux
Horizontal Resolution
1000 TV lines or more (Full HD recording)


Zoom ratio
Focal length
26.8 - 576mm (35mm equivalent / 28.8-576mm with Dynamic IS on)
Minimum focus distance
60cm (throughout zoom range); 20mm (wide angle)
ND filter
Built-in gradation filter (Auto or Off)
Zoom control
Zoom rockers on body and handle; Selectable manual zoom/focus ring on lens; Selectable High Speed and Soft Zoom modes available.
Zoom speed
Variable (body rocker only) or Constant speed (body and handle rocker; Fast/Normal/Slow, 16 speed level settings in each)
Focus control
MANUAL: Lens ring, Touchscreen OLED (touch Focus, Touch and Track), Focus Preset AUTO: Face Priority AF / Face Only AF / Instant AF / Medium AF / TV AF
Iris control
Custom dial; Touchscreen; Auto
Aperture range
f1.8 - f8
Filter diameter
Lens elements/groups
Aperture blades
8 Blade Circular Aperture
Image stabilization system
Optical lens shift system (angle & vector movement detection) + electronic stabilisation; 4 modes: Intelligent (Auto), Dynamic, Standard, Powered
Digital zoom
Up to 400x; Built-in 2x Digital Teleconverter (cannot be used with Digital Zoom)

Image Processor



Video storage media
SDXC/SDHC/SD memory card (2 card slots); Dual Format recording, Double slot (simultaneous) recording and Relay (continuous) recording possible.1
Class 6 (or higher) cards recommended for 1080/50P recording; Class 4 (or higher) cards recommended for other Full HD recording
Recording time
128GB SDXC card: 10hrs 10mins (AVCHD max. quality)*1 8hrs 00mins (MP4 max. quality)*1 91hrs 55mins (MP4 lowest quality)1
Recording file format
AVCHD Progressive (v2.0, high profile); MP4
Recording format
AVCHD (all modes variable bit rate, 4:2:0 colour sampling): 1920x1080: 50p (28Mbps, linear PCM audio available); 1920x1080: 50i/PF25 (24Mbps, 17Mbps); 144x1080: 50i/PF25 (5Mbps) MP4 (all modes variable bit rate, 4:2:0 colour sampling): 1920x1080: 50p (35Mbps); 1920x1080: 25P (24Mbps, 17Mbps); 1280x720: 25P (4Mbps); 640x360: 25P (3Mbps)
Slow/Fast motion
YES (MP4 HD mode only, 2x fast motion, 0.5x slow motion)
Interval Record
Frame Record
Pre Record (cache record)
YES (3 seconds)
Scan Reverse
HD->SD conversion
Internal Data Transfer
MOVIE & STILLS: Yes (internal memory to card, card to card)
Photo storage media
SDXC/SDHC/SD memory card
Still quality
During video recording or playback: 1920 x 1080/1280 x 720/640 x 360

Monitoring Panel

Capacitive Organic LED
8.8cm (3.5"), 100% view
1.23 million-dot equivalent
Image quality adjustments
Brightness, backlight, OLED colour balance
YES (270 degree rotation about horizontal axis)
Waveform Monitor
Focus Assist
Peaking; Magnifying
YES (70% or 100% reference level)
ON/OFF (Level, Grid)


0.61cm (0.24"), 100% view
1.56 million dots equivalent
YES (tiltable to 45 degrees)
Correction lens
+ 2.0 to -5.5 diopter


Audio in
XLR inputs with 48V phantom power (x2), 3.5mm microphone input jack
Headphone output
3.5mm stereo jack
Video monitor output
YES (HDMITM mini connector, output only, 1080/50p output possible)
IEEE 1394 (Firewire)
YES (Mini-B, USB 2.0 Hi-Speed, output only)
HD/SD-SDI output
YES (576i, 720P or 1080i, output only, embedded audio and time code)
Time code
YES (Embedded in SDI output; superimposed on HDMI Output signal)
Component out
AV terminal
3.5mm mini jack (output only for video and audio)
DC input
Remote Control Terminal
2.5mm mini jack
Colour Bars
YES (SMPTE or EBU), with 1KHz Tone


Tally lamp
YES, in detachable handle
Accessory shoe
YES (cold shoe)
Custom key
YES (5 assignable buttons; select from 22 functions)
Custom Dial
YES (Shutter Priority (Tv), Aperture Priority (Av), Manual Exposure, exposure compensation, AGC limit)
Shooting functions


Exposure metering
Centre-weighted average or segment evaluative (determined by shooting mode); No metering: Fireworks mode, Fixed exposure (1/50 sec.)
Exposure compensation
-3 to +3 EV (12 steps); Backlight Correction available (Auto or always on)
Auto Exposure mode
Smart Auto, Face Detection AE; Manual control via Touch Exposure and Exposure Compensation functions.
Push Auto Iris
YES (via touchscreen)
Exposure Lock
Auto Gain Control setting
Auto / Manual
Auto Gain Control limit
0 to 24dB, 1dB increments (0 to 18dB in Cinema Mode)
Gain setting
0 to 24dB, 1dB increments (0 to 18dB in Cinema Mode)

Shutter speed

Control Modes
Full Auto / Manual control (touchscreen LCD or control dial)
Shutter speed
1/6 to 1/2000 (depending on Scene Mode and frame rate)
Clear Scan


Infrared shooting mode
YES (green or white)
Built-in IR lamp
YES, in detachable handle

3D Shooting Assist

OIS Axis Shift
Focal Length Guide

Shooting Modes

Smart AUTO
Program AE
AUTO; M mode: P, Tv, Av, M (manual exposure), SCN (Portrait, Sports, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Night, Low Light, Spotlight, Fireworks); Cinema mode: P, Tv, Av, M
Cinema Features
Cinema-Look Filter (9 options, including customisable 'Cinema Standard')
Image Effects
Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Colour Depth

Wi-Fi & GPS Specifications

Wireless LAN standards
IEEE 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz band) / IEEE 802.11a/n (5GHz band)*2
Supported Wi-Fi Functions
Remote Operation; Movie Uploader (YouTube and Facebook)*3; Playback (in browser); Media Server; FTP File Transfer
Supported Browser for Remote Operation
Internet Explorer 8 or later, Safari (iOS), Safari (MacOS), Android standard browser
Remote Operation Control Features
Aperture, Focus, WB, shutter Speed, Gain, Exposure Compensation, Shooting Mode, Slot select, Start/Stop Recording
Live view image Resolution
Camera setting mode: 680 x 383; Simplified setting: 284 x 160
Authentication Systems
GPS Information (Optional Accessory)
Latitude/Longtitude/Elevation, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

White balance

6: Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten (incandescent lamps or halogen bulbs), Fluorescent H (3-wavelength type fluorescent), Fluorescent (white fluorescent)
Manual setting
Set 1, Set 2, Colour Temperature (2,000–15,000 K, 100K steps)

Time code

Countup system
Regen/Rec Run/Free Run/Preset (Non-Drop Frame)
Start value setting
“00:00:00:00”, Set/Reset selectable


AVCHD: Linear PCM*4 (2ch, 16 bit, 48 kHz) or Dolby Digital (AC-3 2ch, 48kHz) MP4: MPEG-2 AAC LC (2 ch)
Audio controls include: - Independent 2ch Line/Mic/Mic+48V input; - Independent level control per channel (-8 to +18 dB); - Independent audio limiters (2 ch); - Input mic trimming
Microphone attenuation
Auto/On/Off (20dB)
Microphone level meter
Zoom Microphone
YES (customisable frequency response and directivity)


Backup power supply
Lithium coin battery (built-in)


Approx. 109 x 84 x 182 mm (main body only) Approx. 131 x 180 x 231 mm (fully equipped)
Detachable handle
Weight (camera only)
Approx. 770 g
Weight (fully equipped)
Approx. 1160 g
Operating Temperature range
-5ºC to +45ºC, 60% relative humidity


1. After 12 hours of continuous recording, camcorder will stop recording and re-start automatically. Simultaneous/Dual Format recording not available in 1080/50P modes.2. 5Ghz not available in Qatar3. iOS devices only, excludes MP4 1080/50P mode4. AVCHD 1080/50P mode only