Swellpro PL4 with Life Buoy and SAR Kit - Low-light Water Search & Rescue (SAR2)

Swellpro PL4 with Life Buoy and SAR Kit - Low-light Water Search & Rescue (SAR2)

Swellpro PL4 with Life Buoy and SAR Kit - Low-light Water Search & Rescue (SAR2)

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Designed for lifesaving as well as Search and Rescue operations in low-light conditions, the SwellPro SAR 2 Payload Release 4 (PL4) with SAR 2 Kit Search and Rescue, 4K Camera with Night Vision incorporates a full-HD low-light colour camera, remote control and tilt gimbal as well as a specially designed rescue buoyancy sausage for life saving and rescue operations. Get live as well as recorded video footage from the drone and accurately locate your rescue target before remotely dropping the rescue sausage or other payloads up to 1.2kg.

Note: Product is shown in use for illustration only, additional equipment is not included. Some photos are 3D renders of concept.

Save Lives Faster

Increase the effectiveness of your Search and Rescue efforts by adding this SAR kit to your SplashDrone 3+. By adding this waterproof payload release module or a specially designed waterproof rescue unit to the Splash Drone 3+, you have a cost-effective, robust, waterproof rescue solution.

The waterproof quick-release payload mechanisms can take up to 1.2kg of life-saving equipment to people in need. Two purpose-built rescue buoyancy modules are available for ocean and lake rescue in normal and low-light conditions.

Water Search and Rescue (SAR)

With the PL4, the SplashDrone 3+ can perform search and rescue missions in low-light and at nighttime. Quickly idenftify rescue targets and precisely deliver life-saving equipment.

Night Fishing

The PL4 adds to the SplashDrone's already impressive drone fishing capabilityes. Land on the water surface or hover above and the combination of spotlights and the low light camera atracts fish as well as bein able to see further underwater at night. Identify your target area and then remotely drop your bait or lures

Night Inspection

Perform traffice, security and equipment inspection tasks over rivers and lakes at night. With the PL4, these tasks do not need to wait until daylight.

Assist in Law Enforcement

By being able to 'see' in the dark, the PL4 allows law-enforcement to more easily search for offenders at night and save a color record to aid investigation and prosecution.


  • GTIN - 6970759631197
Waterproof Level IP67
Take-off Weight 1KG
Size 255x155x140mm
Line length 100mm
Weight 836g (lifejacket included)
Number of lifebuoys that can be mounted 1
  • Full-HD low-light colour camera
  • Remote control and tilt gimbal
  • Specially designed rescue buoyancy sausage
  • Live as well as recorded video footage
  • Payloads up to 1.2kg