H&Y RevoRing Black Mist 1/2 Filter (67-82mm)

H&Y RevoRing Black Mist 1/2 Filter (67-82mm)

H&Y RevoRing Black Mist 1/2 Filter (67-82mm)

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The H&Y RevoRing Black Mist 1/2 Filter (67-82mm) make one 82mm filter effortlessly connect to many different lenses, saving space in your photography bag or backpack. Ensure you can work comfortably and protect your equipment effectively. Once and for all, forget about reduction rings that often get stuck on lenses just when you need to save time. Experience the innovative mount system appreciated by photographers and filmmakers around the world. Discover new layers of creativity by using the built-in 1/2 power Black Mist filter to create a distinctive moody atmosphere in your photos and videos, soften and diffuse light, and naturally remove wrinkles and blemishes on faces.





Brand H&Y
Model H&Y Revoring 67-82mm adjustable filter adapter with Black Mist 1/2 filter
Materials Aluminium, anodic coating
Filters  82 mm
Lenses with a diameter 67 to 82 mm

Key Features of the H&Y RevoRing Black Mist 1/2 Filter (67-82mm) 

  • Innovative “variable blade” technology allowing the 82mm filter to be mounted on lenses from 67 to 82mm
  • Included 1/2 power Black Mist filter to soften or diffuse images
  • The filter allows you to organically create a distinctive dreamy cinematic image
  • With the filter you can naturally remove wrinkles and blemishes on portraits or videos
  • Produce a unique “halo” effect on films and photos around spot light sources
  • Strong protection for the front of the lens
  • Strong connection of filters with the holder, and the holder with the lens
  • Adapter made of lightweight and durable anodised aluminium alloy
  • Precise fit of elements prevents light reflections and blisters
  • No vignetting effect


The magic of the Black Mist 1/2 filter

The presented H&Y Revoring 67-82 mm adapter is equipped with the Black Mist 1/2 filter, which allows you to create the characteristic dreamy atmosphere of photos and films, without having to reach for computer editing programs. It can be used to soften or diffuse images, creating a pastel and soft blur in bright spots (the “halo” effect around city lights, for example). At the same time you can maintain optimum contrast and sharpness in other parts of the frame. The Black Mist 1/2 filter is also a great way to naturally smooth out wrinkles and get rid of blemishes when filming people or taking portraits. Reach for a whole new way of telling stories with images. Choose the H&Y Revoring 67-82mm Adjustable Filter Adapter with Black Mist 1/2 and discover the magic of unique soft frames!

Ideal connection

With the Revoring mount, you can easily combine one 82mm filter with many different lenses. Just one turn and you’re done! Thanks to the special technology of the retracting blades and the independent threading, you are sure that the connection will be as solid as when using a regular round filter. Revoring is a unique fastening system you can trust!

Modern reduction ring

Anyone encountering a unique mounting standard from H&Y for the first time asks themselves one fundamental question, “Why hasn’t anyone invented this before!”. Revoring is the most advanced reduction ring ever created. The clever “variable blade” technology means that any DSLR or mirrorless owner can easily install an 82mm filter on a variety of lenses in the 67mm to 82mm range, without having to reach for additional adapters.


All Revoring products are made from high grade aluminium used in the architectural industry. This makes them lightweight and extremely durable. The anodised finish also provides additional protection against corrosion. Whether you are surprised by a light rain or a real downpour while working, you can be sure that your equipment will be ready to confront the harsh weather conditions. Combined with the magnetic caps, this is a set for years to come that will ensure comfort and effective protection for your gear.

No more clearances

The refined design of the Revoring mount means that once the filter is installed in it, all the elements fit tightly together. This prevents vignetting and unwanted light rays escaping at the edges from entering the lens. A perfect “tightness” is also ensured by the “variable blade” technology allowing the mount to be installed on glass of various diameters. Precision and extreme accuracy of manufacturing ensure that accidental blips and reflections will be effectively eliminated from your frames.

Faster ergonomics

Anyone who has once fallen in love with photography knows that buying equipment rarely ends with a single lens. And since each successive glass can have a different diameter, it has been difficult to find universal grey, diffusion or polarizing filters until now. With Revoring you can finally solve this problem. No more dozens of filters spilling out of your bag! And once and for all, forget about the reduction rings that often get stuck on your lenses when you are pressed for time. With Revoring your work will become faster and much more pleasant. You install one 82 mm diameter filter on an adjustable mount, which you can attach to different lenses in seconds. We have been waiting for this revolution for far too long!

Join the H&Y family

Attaching filters to lenses has never been easier. And this is just the beginning of a revolution. Meet the H&Y family of unique photographic accessories that will make your work environment more ergonomic and take your photos and videos to a new level. Discover filters made from the toughest Corning Gorilla Glass III, the K-series magnetic mount, as well as other Revoring Series products that will let you use your own circular filters and forget about standard reduction rings once and for all. Explore the unique H&Y ecosystem and see what true camera convenience can be!