PolarPro GoldMorphic | 4x565 Filter

PolarPro GoldMorphic | 4x565 Filter

PolarPro GoldMorphic | 4x565 Filter

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The most innovative, design forward, and industry standard 4x5 filters are here, the PolarPro GoldMorphic | 4x565 Filter is fully encased with a custom CNC aluminum frame, which protects the glass from fingerprints, scratches, drops, or clamps. It features laser etchings to accurately identify filters with ease to showcase the collaboration with industry professionals, Motion Clubhouse.


Brand  PolarPro
Size 4x565

Key Features of the PolarPro GoldMorphic | 4x565 Filter

  • Fully Encased Filters with Custom CNC Aluminum Frames
  • Premium Edge Protection against Matte Box Clamps and Drops
  • Laser Sharp Filter Identification on front and top of each filter
  • 50% Lighter than Industry Standard 4 x 5 Filters, perfect for gimbal applications
  • Industry Standard 4x5.65 Size - Fits in any Matte Box

Aluminum frame provides unparalleled glass protection

The first 4×5 filter housed in an aluminum frame. Protect your glass from matte box clamps, drops, fingerprints, etc. You no longer have to worry about where to place the filter when changing it; you can place it on any flat surface without damaging the glass.

100% visible filter etching

Easily identify the filter strength etching on the top and front of the frame. These etchings make it easy to see which filter you need, so you can pick it up and start shooting.

Fingerprint-free handling

The aluminum frame makes it easy to install and remove the filter without leaving fingerprints on the glass.

Improved color accuracy

PolarPro x Motion Clubhouse 4x5 filters are designed for perfect color accuracy. The camera captures the world as you see it in real time.