Aputure Amaran Spotlight SE 36deg Lens Kit

Aputure Amaran Spotlight SE 36deg Lens Kit

Aputure Amaran Spotlight SE 36deg Lens Kit

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amaran introduces its first Bowens mount precision projection lens with the Aputure Amaran Spotlight SE 36deg Lens Kit . Designed with a high degree of control, this optical modifier instantly transforms Bowens mount point-source lights with up to 300W of power output into a shapeable spotlight with an even beam. The included 36° lens is ideal to achieve wider illumination for larger areas. Versatile and suitable for a variety of setups, this kit also includes a gobo holder and 15 M-sized gobos for unique light projection shapes.

Featuring a universal Bowens accessory mount, the Spotlight SE is compatible with the brand's 150c and 300c full-color LED monolights. Your fixture can be easily magnified, bringing a new level of flexibility and enhanced output from it. This modifier also works with other Bowens mount point-source lights with up to 300W of power output, ranging from the amaran COB 60d S to the Aputure LS 300x. The Spotlight SE has a durable all-metal housing and this kit is packed in a case to storage and protect the housing, lens, and included accessories.

Key Features of the Aputure Amaran Spotlight SE 36deg Lens Kit

  • Compact 36° Projection Lens
  • Works with Bowens Fixtures up to 300W
  • Includes Gobo Holder & 15 M-Sized Gobos
  • Quick Focus Adjustments
  • Optional 18-Leaf Iris Accessory
  • Compatible with 150c/300c Monolights
  • Even Edge-to-Edge Light Distribution
  • Custom Precision Optics
  • Durable All-Metal Construction
  • Includes Carry Strap & Case


Shapeable Spotlight

The Spotlight SE allows you to easily create shapeable beams of light to reach a specific look or mood for your scenes. With 4 built-in metal shutters, you can quickly and precisely cut the Spotlight SE's beam output. Offering additional shaping capabilities, it is possible to achieve anything from a sharp, focused beam with crisp edges to a defocused image using M-sized gobos to project patterns.

Additional Benefits

  • Suitable for filmmakers and creators who require precise control over their lighting designs
  • You can conveniently swap between the Spotlight SE lens options
  • Elevates the performance of your amaran 150c/300c monolights
  • Works with an optional 18-leaf Iris accessory that can be combined with the shutters and gobos to quickly adjust the beam size


  • MPN - 25.APF0046A32
  • GTIN - 6971842187218
Compatibility amaran 150c / 300c