FujiFilm GF 500mm f/5.6 Lens - G Series Lens

FujiFilm GF 500mm f/5.6 Lens - G Series Lens

FujiFilm GF 500mm f/5.6 Lens - G Series Lens

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Technical Details:

The combination of the powerful telephoto performance of the GF500mmF5.6 R LM OIS WR and the high resolution that the GFX System work seamlessly together to capture the precise and fine details often missed. This lens can accurately capture the sweat flying from athletes during intense moments, the wrinkles on the skin of wild animals, and the individual feathers of birds, bringing out a level of realism and detail that cannot be perceived with the naked eye. By miniaturising a typically large and heavy super telephoto lens and achieving high-speed and high accuracy autofocus, the GFX System now brings super telephoto photography in sports, wildlife, and bird photography, where portability is required.

Focal Length: 500mm
Maximum Aperture: f/5.6
Minimum Aperture: f/32
Lens Construction: 21 elements in 14 groups
Minimum Focus Distance: 2.75m
Filter Size: 95mm
Weight: 1,375g

Key Features:

Longest telephoto prime lens in the "GF Lens" lineup: Equipped with a focal length of 500mm (equivalent to 396mm in 35mm format), making it the longest in the history of GF lenses and excelling in sports, wildlife, and bird photography.
Weather Resistance: It can be used with peace of mind for all day shooting in adverse weather conditions. with a -10°C low-temperature resistant structure with sealing at 18 points in the lens barrel. 
Fast and accurate autofocus: While maintaining high resolution performance, it adopts an inner focus system that incorporates a smaller and lighter focus lens and drives the focus group using a linear motor. This enables a fast and silent autofocus (“AF”) with a minimum delay of approximately 0.31 seconds*

*AF speed on the telephoto end, using an internal measurement method compliant with the CIPA Guidelines, when mounted on the mirrorless digital camera “Fujifilm GFX100 II” with Phase Detection AF activated and the High-Performance Mode turned ON. 

Top three reasons why we think you will love this product:

Lightweight design and toughness: It weighs approximately 1,375g, which will shift perceptions of large-format telephoto lenses, making all-day shooting possible. 
Powerful 6.0-stop image stabilisation performance: You can comfortably enjoy handheld shooting in the challenging super telephoto range where camera shake is more likely to occur.
Weather-Sealed Construction: Don't let inclement weather stop you from capturing the perfect shot. With its weather-resistant design, this lens allows you to shoot confidently in rain, snow, or dust, ensuring you never miss a moment.