Fujifilm XF 16-50mm f/2.8-4.8 R LM WR Lens

Fujifilm XF 16-50mm f/2.8-4.8 R LM WR Lens

Fujifilm XF 16-50mm f/2.8-4.8 R LM WR Lens

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The Fujifilm XF 16-50mm f/2.8-4.8 R LM WR Lens Smaller, lighter, and delivering higher resolution than its predecessor in the XF lens line-up, XF16-50mmF2.8-4.8 R LM WR redefines the term ‘standard zoom’. Covering a wide-angle to mid-telephoto range, it is ideal for everyday use and features a weather-resistant design that’s ready for anything. Say hello to your new go-to lens – perfect for turning daily events into cherished memories.


Key Features of the Fujifilm XF 16-50mm f/2.8-4.8 R LM WR Lens 

  • Ready for Everything
  • Delivering the Detail
  • A Pocket-Sized Powerhouse
  • Keeps Pace With Your Creativity
  • Keep Creating in All Conditions


Ready for Everything

"Versatility is central to the appeal of XF16-50mmF2.8-4.8 R LM WR, making it a lens to always have close at hand. The 16mm setting is perfect for landscapes, interiors, architecture, and group portraits, while the 50mm setting brings portraits, animals, and action within range. It also focuses to 0.24m (9.44in), delivering half-lifesize* macro images - ideal for details, food, and more. *35mm equivalent"

Delivering the Detail

Designed for use with the latest X Series digital camera models, XF16-50mmF2.8-4.8 R LM WR delivers a new standard of image quality. It features three aspherical and three ED lenses in its optical construction, to minimize aberrations and unleash the high resolving potential of the latest X-Trans sensors. Relive everyday moments in more detail than ever before.

A Pocket-Sized Powerhouse

"Measuring just 71.4mm (2.81in) in length, 65mm (2.55in) wide and weighing a mere 240g (8.4oz), XF16-50mmF2.8-4.8 R LM WR is the lightest zoom in the XF lens lineup. Its size also remains constant while zooming, maintaining a balanced at all times. Yet the size and weight are no barrier to its capabilities. With the 35mm equivalent of 24, 28, 35, 50, and 76mm available, it’s like having five popular lenses in one supremely portable package. Add the maximum magnification of 0.3x (equivalent to half-lifesize* macro) and you have a powerful optic small enough to fit in your jacket pocket. *35mm equivalent"

Keeps Pace With Your Creativity

Life doesn’t wait for you to catch up, so XF16-50mmF2.8-4.8 R LM WR uses a silent, high-speed, high-precision focusing motor. The inner focusing mechanism and linear motor combine to ensure you never miss the perfect moment, no matter where your creativity takes you.


Keep Creating in All Conditions

"Great image making shouldn’t stop when bad weather starts. XF16- 50mmF2.8-4.8 R LM WR features a dust- and weather-resistant design that enables you to create with confidence, whether you want to make images at the beach, on the slopes, or during days out in the rain. "


Lens configuration 12 elements in 9 groups (includes 3 aspherical and 2 ED elements)
Focal length (35mm format equivalent) f=8mm (12mm)
Angle of view 121°
Max. aperture F3.5
Min. aperture F22
Aperture control Number of blades: 9 (rounded diaphragm opening) Stop size: 1/3EV (17 stops)
Minimum focus distance (measured from focal plane) 0.18m
Max. magnification 0.07x
External dimensions : Diameter x Length* (approx.) *distance from camera lens mount flange Φ68mm×52.8mm
Weight* (approx.) *excluding caps, hoods and Tripod collar foot 215g
Filter size Φ62mm
Accessories included Front lens cap FLCP-62 II, Rear lens cap RLCP-001, Lens hood, Lens wrapping cloth