Laowa 10mm f/2.8 Zero-D FF AF - Sony E

Laowa 10mm f/2.8 Zero-D FF AF - Sony E

Laowa 10mm f/2.8 Zero-D FF AF - Sony E

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We are proud to introduce our first autofocus lens in the Laowa lens lineup to you - the Laowa 10mm f/2.8 Zero-D FF AF - Sony E.This lens is a game-changer in its class, featuring a remarkable ultra-wide angle of view of 130° while maintaining a weight of only 0.93 lb. / 420g.

The auto-focus performance of this lens is nothing short of superb, rivaling some of the best in the market. With features like our signature Zero-D feature, an ultra-short 12cm close focusing distance, and versatility for ultra-wide portrait, landscape, and astrophotography, the 10mm f/2.8 is set to redefine your photographic experience.


Key Features of the Laowa 10mm f/2.8 Zero-D FF AF - Sony E

  • First Rectilinear 10mm Full-Frame Lens with f/2.8 aperture
  • Accurate and Reliable AF Performance
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Close-to-Zero Distortion (Zero-D)
  • Ultra-Wide Angle of View of 130°
  • Close Focusing Distance of 12cm
  • 10-Point Sunstars
  • ⌀77mm Filter Thread
  • Outstanding Optical Design
  • Excellent Performance for Panorama and Astrophotograph


First Rectilinear 10mm Full-Frame Lens with f/2.8 aperture

Breaking new ground in our product line, this lens introduces auto-focus capabilities, making it the world’s first ultra-wide 10mm lens with f/2.8 large aperture.

Accurate and Reliable AF performance (E and Z mounts only)

Embrace the convenience of autofocus without compromising on the quality and attention to detail that Laowa lenses are known for.

  • First AF lens in Laowa Lineup
  • Autofocus function is available for both Sony E and Nikon Z mount
  • Seamless and natural performance of the focus tracking
  • Allows photographers to focus more on composition and creative aspects


Compact and Lightweight

Designed with mobility in mind, this lens remains compact and weighs just 0.93 lb / 420g , ensuring that you can effortlessly carry it wherever your creative journey takes you.

Experience the freedom to capture stunning images without being weighed down by heavy gear

Close-to-Zero Distortion

The Zero-D feature embedded in this lens guarantees minimal distortion, allowing you to capture scenes with absolute clarity and ensuring your images remain true to life.

No In-Camera Correction Needed

A lens in 10mm is usually a fisheye or heavily distorted. With an ingenious optical design, Laowa is able to produce an ultra wide-angle lens with superior control of distortion, both horizontal and vertical straight lines can be maintained on the image from corner to corner. Not every camera has a built-in distortion correction function, it is an excellent feature of the lens especially when taking shape-edged architectures and cityscapes, photographers and videographers can save a lot of editing time in post-production.

Ultra-Wide Angle of View

Immerse yourself in a wider perspective with a 130° ultra-wide angle of view. From breathtaking landscapes to dynamic architecture, this lens opens up new dimensions in visual storytelling.

Built-in Filter Thread

Unlike other ultra-wide-angle lenses, the Laowa 10mm f/2.8 Zero-D FF features a ⌀77mm built-in filter thread, granting you the freedom to effortlessly experiment with different filters, be it a CPL filter or ND filter, to achieve your desired photographic effects.

Excellent performance for Panorama and Astrophotography

This lens is truly a versatile tool that consistently delivers outstanding results in a variety of shooting scenarios.

  • Its exceptionally wide field of view makes it particularly adept at capturing expansive panoramas, allowing you to tell stories on a grand scale.
  • For the astrophotography enthusiasts among us, this lens proudly stands out as an exceptional choice. Thanks to its f/2.8 aperture, it embraces the challenge of capturing the beauty of the night sky with enhanced light-gathering capabilities.

Close Focusing Capabilit

Achieves a close focus as near as 12cm, allowing you to effortlessly capture stunning images from a short distance, which also unlocks a possibility to shoot wide -angle macro photographs.

10-Point Sunstar Effect

Featuring a 5-blade aperture, this lens produces a unique 10-point sunstar effect, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your images.

Outstanding Optics

The Laowa 10mm f/2.8 Zero -D FF is engineered with exceptional optics, featuring 15 elements in 9 groups, including 2 aspherical glasses and 3 ED glasses. This results in outstanding image quality, ensuring that every detail is captured with precision and clarit


Name Laowa 10mm f/2.8 Zero-D FF
Format Full-Frame
Focal Distance 10mm
Aperture Range f/2.8-22
Angle of View 130.4°
Lens Structure 15 elements in 9 groups (2 Aspherical Glasses, 3 ED Glasses)
Aperture Blades 5 blades / 14 blades
Min. Shooting Distance 4.72" / 12cm
Max. Magnification 0.24X
Focusing System AF (E, Z)/ MF
Filter Thread Ø77mm
Dimensions Ø3.23” x 2.79”/ Ø82 x 70.8mm
Weight 0.925lbs/ 420g
Mounts (Auto-Focus) Sony E/ Nikon Z (5 Blades)
Mounts (Manual-Focus) Canon RF/ L Mount (5 Blades)
A 14-blade variant (with a reduced sunstar effect) can be ordered upon request and will be delivered at a later date.
Sony E/ Canon RF/ Nikon Z/ L mount (14 Blades)