Laowa 90mm f/2.8 2X Ultra Macro APO - L Mount

Laowa 90mm f/2.8 2X Ultra Macro APO - L Mount

Laowa 90mm f/2.8 2X Ultra Macro APO - L Mount

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The Laowa 90mm f/2.8 2X Ultra Macro APO - L Mount this lens is specifically designed for mirrorless cameraswith full-frame sensors size. With its fascinating 2:1 magnification capability and focus to infinity, the lenscan capture subjects in any size, making it very versatilefor different applications including macro, commercialand portrait photography. It is super compact andlightweight, the size of the lens is significantly smallerthan other equivalents on the market. An apochromatic (APO) characteristic is equipped even in high magnification to provide outstanding image quality.

This ultra-macro lens can reproduce 2:1 magnification of life-size images, showing extensive details of the object in high resolution. With a 20.5cm minimum focusing distance, it is ideal for capturing tiny subjects and doing super close-up shots.

Apochromat APO Design

The lens is engineered with 3 extra-low dispersion glasses, suppressing longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberration across in-focus & out-of-focus areas. Purple fringing and ghosting are controlled to the minimum throughout the aperture range. The APO characteristic reduce your post-editing time substantially especially in macro photography.

Specifically Designed for Mirrorless Camera

The optical formula is designed based on the mirrorless system, the shorter flange distance not only improves the image sharpness but also makes the lens more compact and portable. It brings you the harmony for the size of this lens on a mirrorless camera.

Much Smaller than Equivalents

This lens weighs only 619g with the dimensions of Ø74 x 120mm, making it the smallest option in the market compared to the equivalent lenses. It is your go to option for a macro lens with this handheld size which you can carry around without burden.

Outstanding Image Sharpness

The lens delivers an excellent level of image quality, sharpness is highly impressive at different magnifications and is maintained from corner to corner. The consistent performance allows you take macro photography much easier when things are captured in extreme detail and in a hit-or-miss situation.

Smooth Bokeh

With 13 aperture blades, it can create round and soft bokeh in the out-of-focus area, bringing the dreamy and artistic background for your images.

Internal Focusing

The internal focusing design helps to avoid collision of the lens with the object and prevent the lens from dusting, making the lens more durable.


  • MPN - VE9028L
  • GTIN - 6940486702996
Focal Length 90mm
Aperture Range f/2.8-22
Angle of view 27°
Format Full Frame
Lens Structure 13 elements in 10 groups
(3 ED elements)
Aperture Blades 13 blades
Max. Magnification 2x
Min. Focusing Distance 205mm
Focus Mode Manual (MF)
Dimensions for Filter Thread Ø 67mm
Dimensions About Ø 74mm * 120mm
Weight About 619g
Mount L Mount
  • 2X Magnification
  • Apochromat APO Design
  • Specifically Designed for Mirrorless Camera
  • Much Smaller than Equivalents
  • Outstanding Image Sharpness
  • Smooth Bokeh
  • Internal Focusing