Leica Elmarit-s 45mm F/2.8 Asph Lens

TheLeica Elmarit-S 45mm f/2.8 ASPH Lens is a wide-angle prime lens designed for the Leica S-series medium format digital cameras. It provides a 35mm-equivalent focal length of 36mm, giving a moderately wide perspective that is ideally suited tophotojournalism, architecture,landscape, and fashionphotography. An f/2.8 maximum aperture is ideal for shallow depth of field imagery and also effective in dim lighting conditions when working with available light. The sophisticated optical design of this lens featuresthree elements with anomalous partial dispersion glass andtwo high refraction extra-low dispersion elements to reduce chromatic aberrations.In addition, oneaspherical surfaceelementminimizes monochromatic aberrations and improves overall image sharpness. Rear-group focusing and one independent floating optical elementmaintain a constant lens length while providing sharp focusfrom infinityto the minimum focus distance of 0.6 m.Weather sealing protects the lens from dust and water spray and the included retractable lens hood deflects stray light to minimize flares and help provide high contrast images, even in backlight situations.Wide-angle prime lens designed for Leica S medium-format digital cameras.35mm-equivalent focal length of 36mm offers a moderately wide perspective that is well-suited for architecture, fashion, landscape and street photography and photojournalism.Maximum f/2.8 aperture is ideal for low light shooting as well as greater control over shallow depth of field focusing. The electronically controlled iris offers selectable f-stops in half-stop increments via the click wheel on the camera.The optical construction incorporates three anomalous partial dispersion glass elements, two high-refraction extra-low dispersion elements, and one aspherical surface element to minimize chromatic and monochromatic aberrations and provide sharp, high-contrast images.Rear-group type internal focusing maintains lens' overall length and o

Leica Elmarit-s 45mm F/2.8 Asph Lens

Leica Elmarit-s 45mm F/2.8 Asph Lens

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A classic in absolute perfection

The angle of view of the Leica Elmarit-S 45 mm f/2.8 ASPH. (CS) corresponds to that of the classic 35 mm focal length for 35 mm photography and, with its moderate wide-angle coverage and true-to-life perspectives, is outstanding for landscapes and architectural photography as well as for studio work.

Technical Details

Three of the twelve lens elements are manufactured using specialized glass with anomalous partial dispersion that minimizes chromatic aberration, and two others of high-refractive-index glass with exceptionally low dispersion. In addition to these, one aspherical surface is employed for the minimization of monochromatic aberrations. Reargroup focusing guarantees consistently outstanding imaging performance from infinity to the closest focusing distance.