Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG Art

Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG Art

Nikon Mount

Sigma 24-70mm zoom lens is in great physical and working condition. This Sigma lens has recently had it's front lens element replaced. Includes a lens hood, soft case and the original packaging.

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The Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM Art Series lens is a reliable professional zoom lens for Full Frame and APS-C cameras that offers a highly versatile focal range combined with a constant f/2.8 aperture, it delivers edge to edge sharpness perfect for any photography style. With an updated Hypersonic autofocus motor and optical stabilisation system combined with a rugged build quality and splash proof mount the lens is an absolute workhorse destined to be a new favourite with any shooter.

Versatile 24-70mm Focal Length

The 24-70mm focal range is one of the most popular lens focal ranges because it allows you to shoot wide angle landscapes and group portraits then quickly zoom in close for portraits and action shots all without having to change your lens. This allows you to explore a range of different compositional techniques for complete creative freedom.

Constant f/2.8 Lens Aperture

Boasting a constant aperture across the lenses entire zoom range ensures that you can re-frame your shot without losing any light, this guarantee of consistent performance makes it a perfect lens for wedding, nature, and photojournalism shooters.

Hypersonic Autofocus Motor

Using an improved Hypersonic Motor (HSM) matched with an updated autofocus algorithm allows the lens to deliver accurate focus with lightning quick responsiveness. The autofocus speed is complimented with a manual focus override function that can be activated by simply turning the focus ring.

Incredible Optical Quality

Following in the footsteps of previous Sigma 24-70mm lenses the new Art series takes image quality to the next level by utilising 19 lens elements arranged in 14 groups to support ultra-high resolution sensors. Three SLD (super low dispersion) elements and four aspherical lens elements work together to minimise optical aberrations and distortion for tac-sharp images with outstanding clarity.

Optical Stabilisation System

The freedom to shoot without needing to rely on a tripod or monopod for support has significant advantages for any photographer and the lenses sophisticated optical stabilisation functionality gives you the ability to shoot handheld with confidence. The stabiliser compensates for vibrations and shakes so that you can hand shoot video and capture low light scenes at slow shutter speeds without risk of blur.

Beautiful Circular Bokeh

The use of 9 circular aperture blades makes the 24-70mm able to produce creamy out of focus areas when shooting with a shallow depth-of-field, giving you the freedom to artistically compose your shots knowing that the bokeh for the scene will be stunningly beautiful at any focal length.

Perfect for Shooting Backlit Subjects

Capturing dramatic imagery often means shooting directly towards a light source like a golden sunset or led lighting at a music gig, this technique, although stunning, does means images can lose contrast and detail from flaring and ghosting. The 24-70 Art series lens uses an optical construction extensively tested by Sigma combined with an extensive super multi-layer lens coating to ensure results are not blown out when shooting backlit subjects and your image detail is preserved.

Ideal for any Shooting Condition

Reliability and build quality is incredibly important for working photographers and Sigma have considered this in the lenses design. The lens barrel is made of metal and a thermally stable composite material that provides lightweight operation as well as durability, the rugged brass bayonet fitting combines with interior rubber sealing to provide a more weather resistant design. The front of the lens also features a water and oil repellent coating to protect against the elements.