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The new BRX compact flash units are a further evolution of the features and quality that are Elinchrom. The concept is simple. Control, Power, Speed and Versatility

Elinchrom BRX 250/250 Set to Go with Stands

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Brand New Elinchrom BRX 250/250 Set to Go with Stands
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The new BRX compact flash units are a further evolution of the features and quality that are Elinchrom. The concept is simple. Control, Power, Speed and Versatility

With many programmable features and the EL-Skyport remote system, the BRX enables photographers the greatest freedom to express their individuality

The BRX series deliver the quality of performance needed for a modern workflow.

Available in either 250 Ws or 500 Ws, they are perfect for portraiture, landscape, product and architectural photography.

Key Features 

- Take full control of your units settings with the EL-Skyport App for iPhone™, iPad™ and iPod Touch™ via the optional WiFi module.
- Additional features can be found when used with the EL-Skyport Software such as Flash-Delay for strobing-effects.
- Firmware update option.
- Improved electronics for even better performance than before
- Built-in EL-Skyport receiver for triggering.
- EL-Skyport with 8 Frequency Channels with 4 Groups.
- EL-Skyport Speed Sync mode for synchronization up to a 1/320 s on enabled SLR cameras.
- Pre-flash detector system to enable the use of BRX with speed lights.
- Visual Flash Confirmation option. The modelling lamp comes on to confirm the flash has been triggered.
- Proportional, maximum, minimum and independent adjustment of the modelling lamp.
- Variable f-stop steps: 1/1, 5/10, 4/10, 3/10, 2/10 or 1/10 steps are available.
- Programmable ready beep function.
- Power Auto-dump.
- Automatic temperature controlled ventilation.
- Action flash tube for sharper images.
- Multi-voltage auto-detection: 90-270 V (excluding modelling lamp).
- 5V sync socket for maximum protection of digital cameras.
- High impact resistant body shell.
- Accessory bayonet allowing the complete range of light modifiers.
- Rubberised handgrip with built-in fuse storage.


Maximum Watt/Seconds: 250
Guide Number: f/64 @ 3.3' (1.0 m) @ ISO 100, with 48° reflector
Recycle Time 115V: 0.27 sec @ full power, 1.02 sec @ min power
230V: 0.29 sec @ full power, 0.73 sec @ min power
Flash Duration: Full power @ t0.5: 1/2,762 sec.
1/2 Power @ t0.5: 1/2,165 sec.
Color Temperature: 5,360K
Flash Variability 5.0 f/stops: 1/16 - 1/1 (16 - 250W/s)
User Replaceable Flashtube: Yes
Changeable Reflector: Yes
Modeling Light Wattage: 100W
Voltage Stabilization: Yes, +/- 0.5%
Flash Ready Indicator Ready light, Switchable audible beep, dimming while recycling
Operating Voltage 90-260VAC, 50/60Hz
Sync Voltage 5.0VDC
Triggering Sync cord (3.5 mm), optical slave, built-in Skyport receiver
Receiver range: up to 393' (120 m) outdoors, 131' (40 m) indoors
Circuit Protection: Fuse
Fan Cooled: Yes
Auto Dump: Yes
Dimensions Each head: 10.24 x 7.5 x 5.5" (26 x 19 x 14 cm)
Kit dimensions: Not specified by manufacturer
Weight Each head: 1.85 kg
Kit weight: Not specified by manufacturer