Elinchrom ELC 500/500 Softbox Portrait Kit

Elinchrom ELC 500/500 Softbox Portrait Kit

Elinchrom ELC 500/500 Softbox Portrait Kit

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The Elinchrom ELC 500/500 Softbox Portrait Kit + Stands is a ready to go and portable lighting kit for all those who are looking for a professional lighting solution. It employs many features that you see in on-camera speed lights but with the advantages of a studio lighting setup. Its solid and rigorous design delivers reliable and consistent performance in a variety of shooting situations. This kit includes two softboxes and all the other accessories needed to start shooting evocative images.

TTL and Manual Functions

The ELC 500 lights work in both TTL and manual modes and a manual lock function retains exposure settings to quickly change between modes without losing exposure settings. Perfect for quick adjustments or to explore a variety of creative effects. Besides, High-Speed Sync allows for shooting at faster than standard sync speeds for action shooting, freezing motion or to balance ambient light and darken backgrounds.

Strong, Compact & Portable

The lights deliver an output of 3000 Lumens at 5700k and can be powered down to just 7 Ws, a small amount of light for wider aperture use, enhancing the depth of field or even just as a more subtle addition of light to a scene. Elinchrom's accurate and precise colour science with a CRI of 92, across the full power range, will deliver images with consistent coverage and colour.


With a greatly increased power range from 7Ws up to 522Ws, you have 7 stops of light to work with from subtle fill light to larger full-scene fillers. An intuitive interface gives you an efficient user experience with important information, such as flash duration, displayed. The addition of a custom favourite button can be set for quick access to your favourite feature. The Elinchrom ELC 500 kit runs bright daylight balanced LED for good pre-visualisation and adaptability on the go. Lights can be set up on various channels and in groups for versatile set-ups.

Solid and Rigorous Design

The lights have been built to handle extended use and are engineered to last long-term. The Smart Pro-Active Cooling works without interrupting your flow, learning your shooting style and adapting the cooling cycles to match. The speed-controlled fan will handle a heavy workload with an optimised airflow design that favours low-noise. Every element of the Elinchrom ELC 500 flashlights have been created and tested with maximum reliability and longevity in mind.

Light Modifiers & Accessories

As well as the ELC 500 Heads, included in this kit are all the accessories needed to start shooting evocative images. The kit includes two light stands with handy carry-bags to keep it all together. In terms of modifiers, you get the Dark Grey Elinchrom 16cm reflectors, the standard modifiers for general shooting. The kit also includes two Elinchrom Snaplux 55 x 75cm Softboxes to diffuse the light into a pleasingly soft and even light. The included bags allow for easy pack down, transport and storage and in conjunction with the protection caps will keep your gear safe.

  • MPN - 01.20737KIT7
  • GTIN - TBA
TTL / HSS Yes (w/Transmitter Pro)
Flash Modes Action On: Faster flash durations

Action Off: Optimised colour temperature
LED Modelling Lamp Daylight 20W 92 CRI LED / equivalent to 120W
Power increments, Manual / TTL mode 0.1 F-stop / 0.3 F-stop
Auto Power Dumping Adjusts power settings automatically in real time
Fan Cooled Yes (Smart Pro-Active Cooling)
Skyport (built-in) 20 freq., 4 Groups, TTL and Manual
Voltage Multivoltage: AC 100-240V
Umbrella Fitting Centred Umbrella Fitting 7-8 mm
  • 2 x 500WS Heads
  • Includes Carrying Bag and Stands
  • Includes 1x 33 x 75cm Softbox and 1x 60cm Octa and grids
  • Supports HSS/TTL with the Pro Trigger
  • Smart Pro-Active Cooling
  • Wide Power Range
  • Bright LED Modelling Lamp
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Group Color Indicators
  • Intuitive Interface