Fujifilm EF-60 TTL Flash

Fujifilm EF-60 TTL Flash

Fujifilm EF-60 TTL Flash

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  • X-Series and GFX System Wireless Control
  • Nissin Air System Wireless Compatibility
  • Recycle Time: 3 sec at Full Power
  • Guide Number: 60m at 200mm Setting (ISO 100)

The FujiFilm - EF-60 TTL Flash is FUJIFILM’s first radio-controlled wireless shoe mount flash that packs an impressive output power and multiple functions into a compact body. It supports radio-controlled wireless flash, allowing users to be more creative in a wider range of conditions.

With a zoom range of 24-200mm and a maximum guide number of 60 at 200mm, the EF-60 Shoe Mount Flash is suitable for either TTL or manual applications and can be used on or off-camera, when combined with the optional EF-W1 Wireless Commander, which uses radio-controlled 2.4 GHz wireless communications to remotely trigger the EF-60.

Made for X-Series and GFX System users with impressively powerful output and professional features in a compact and portable design. The EF-60 is also compatible with the Nissin Air10s Remote, which allows for integration with other Nissin Air System (NAS)* compatible flashes (i60A, Di700A, MG Series).

The EF-60 uses four AA batteries (not included) and comes with a dedicated diffuser, mini-stand and special carry pouch.

Key Features of the FujiFilm - EF-60 TTL Flash

  • X-Series and GFX System Wireless Control
  • Nissin Air System Wireless Compatibility
  • Recycle Time: 3 sec at Full Power
  • Guide Number: 60m at 200mm Setting (ISO 100)

Powerful Flash Features

The EF-60 has a maximum Guide Number of 60 (ISO100・m and flash coverage setting at 200mm*1) despite its compactness and the head be adjusted by 90 degrees upward or by 180 degrees either left or right so that flashlight can be bounced off a wall or ceiling to imitate natural light and avoid harsh shadows.

  • The flash coverage ranges from 24mm to 200mm and can be extended to approximately 16mm when the built-in diffuser is used.
  • Auto Zoom function, adjusts the coverage area based on the angle of view the lens is at.
  • TTL mode automatically calculates the optimum exposure.
  • Manual mode allows users to adjust the output power themselves.
  • The EF-60 supports FP High-Speed Sync, for flash synchronisation at a shutter speed as fast as 1/8000 sec.

Wireless Communication Compatible with Nissin Air System

The EF-60 has a built-in receiver compatible with Nissin's wireless communications system called NAS (Nissin Air System). When combined with the Wireless Commander EF-W1, or the Nissin Air10s, it can be triggered remotely. This allows users to place the flash anywhere, even outdoors in bright daylight or at a location where obstacles might be blocking line-of-sight.

FujiFilm EF-60 also features optical wireless mode. When using the FUJIFILM EF-X500 as the master unit (commander), users are able to create a stable wireless system in environments with less-than-optimum radio communications.

Versatility for Photos & Video

The EF-60 uses a xenon flash tube and a high-luminance white LED light for versatile applications, acting as video assist when filming video, providing constant light when shooting stills, adding a catch light or providing AF-assisted light.

  • MPN - 74385
  • GTIN - 4547410433524
Guide Number 196.85' / 60 m at ISO 100 (200 mm Position)
Coverage Full-Frame
24 to 200 mm
Auto Zoom Head Yes
Bounce Head 0 to +90°
Swivel Head 180°
Recycle Time Up to 3 Seconds
Secondary Illumination None