Godox V1 TTL Li-Ion Round Head Camera Flash

Godox V1 TTL Li-Ion Round Head Camera Flash

Godox V1 TTL Li-Ion Round Head Camera Flash

4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ This Godox V1 TTL Li-Ion Round Head Camera Flash has been fully tested and serviced by our team of camera experts and works like new. There are some signs of previous use, but what fun is a rental if you don’t use it? Any signs of previous use are minor and superficial and there are no notable marks or scratches. All the photos to the left are of the item you would receive so you can see for yourself (yes, we really have someone downstairs photographing every preloved product). Includes: battery, charger, user manual, soft case, original packaging and lighting stand

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Product Overview
  • Round zoom head design delivers the smoothest, most pleasing light ever to grace a speedlight
  • Command 4 Groups independently to the whole R2 Family
  • Internal Lithium Ion Polymer battery for 650 full power flashes
  • Flashpoint R2 Remote TTL System built right in
  • High Speed Sync for shutter speeds up to 1/8000 second
  • Powerful GN 92ft / 28m @ISO 100 50mm zoom
  • Flash Type: Shoe Mount Flash


The new Flashpoint Zoom Li-on X TTL Speedlight with Integrated R2 Radio Transceiver is the exciting new on-camera speedlight that delivers a more natural circular flash spread than ordinary rectangular speedlights. The more pleasing light enjoys the benefits of an ingenious internal interchangeable 7.2V/2600mAh Lithium Ion battery boasting up to 480 full power shots without the irritation of external battery packs. The incredible amount of power produced by this compact and lightweight unit, as well as their integrated functions and features, make the Zoom Li-on X TTL the select choice of pro or amateur photographer.

Beneath the new Flashpoint Zoom Li-On X R2 refined Round Head sleek design, are capabilities that develop the potential of what you can shoot. As a wireless command center for the revered R2 System or as a lone on-camera TTL flash. The round zoom head brings a fresh, even distribution of flash-power that's sure to amaze, wherever your adventure. Well thought out menus, with simplicity and control at heart, keep you focused on the subject, not on tech. Direct Group access, Lithium recycle speed and dependency, ever primed for action, reaching across space with a flash so beautiful you'll wonder how we did it.

Besides ETTL and Manual control, there are 2 optical slave modes, and a stroboscopic mode as well. The metal shoe features a locking pin, so even if the foot is not clamped lock properly, it will not accidentally fall off of the camera or mount. Remote power control using a Flashpoint R2 System Transmitter or R2 Family flash allows you to view and change your flash output as you shoot as well as trigger the flash and adjust other functions from more than 150 feet away, for extreme off-camera work.

The simple layout and familiar controls make using this flash intuitive. The flashhead rotates 330 degrees and tilts over 120 degrees, even backward, for bounce or modifier use. The head zooms automatically or manually from 28-105mm, to ensure the necessary coverage without wasted spill. The fast and convenient Magnetic Modifier Mount works with the exciting Accessory Kit and makes it even more outstanding! Every imaginable light attachment to control light spread, spill, drama, color tint, and mood. The round headfeatures a magnetic ring accessory mount, allowing for simple installation of the myriad of modifiers: Barn Doors with 4 Flags, a Diffusion Dome, 30° Honeycomb Grid, Wide Angle Diffuser, 6 Hard Plastic Color Correction Gels, Filter/Gel Holders, Spot Light Snoot and requisite BounceScoop. This is an expert's Accessory kit for the Zoom Li-on X, to master the light for all eventualities and stacked as needed for limitless modification.
With a charge time of just 3.5 hours and enough juice to run you through even the most demanding shoots, this high powered, speedy recycling, compact and durable 7.2V, 2600mAh, 18Wh, Lithium Ion battery powered R2 TTL flash is sure to become a pivotal part of your photography equipment lineup.

The R2 TTL Wireless Flash System is the advanced 2.4GHz radio remote that adds camera TTL dedicated custom functions to your multi-flash experience. Easy to use buttons command a full range of functions like reliable channel triggering, group mode selectivity, HSS, with powerful signal strength and exceptional stability to your selected camera flash language. The LCD panel clearly displays the status of all remote R2 compliant strobes, so you always have control of group lighting setup. R2 wireless communication gives a speed of light response to on camera or off camera R2 family devices for a spectacular advantage on the shoot in any environment.

All the R2 enabled family communicate seamlessly for Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax and Sony: the lithium powered Zoom Li-on TTL family speedlights, the Zoom AA alkaline speedlight, the fantastic Streaklight 360 TTL barebulb strobes, the portable eVOLV200 and Pro TTL, 600ws XPLOR600 TTL/M, XPLOR600 Pro TTL, prize-winning XPLOR400Pro, and the manual AC powered Rapid 400/600/1200ws units, and Studio300/400 monolights.

The R2 Family. Multiple distinct members from mini speedlights to monster monolights. Each one the results of insight and refinement. Becoming a frontrunner does not occur by coincidence.

Auto Focus Assist
Auto sense LED. Range 2.0-32.8'
Bounce Function (Tilt)
0 to 330° horizontally and 7° to 120° verically
Triggering Modes
Hot Shoe R2 Radio Controller (integrated) Sync Port Optical Slave S1 Intelligent Optical Slave S2
R2 Radio Channels
R2 Radio Range
Lens Coverage
28-105 mm with automatic or manual zoom control Wider, with Round Head Accessory Kit
Flash Exposure Control
TTL Manual Flash Remote TTL (Master or Slave, with Groups) Remote TTL or Manual Flash (Master or Slave, with Groups) using the Integrated R2 Radio System HSS
Full power flashes
Approx. 480/Charge
Modeling Light
Flash Duration
1/300 to 1/20000 seconds
Flash Exposure Compensation
± 3 stops in 1/3 of a stop increments
1/256th power to full power in 1/10th [Tenth's] increments
Guide No.
92 ft/28 meters @ISO 100 50mm
Recycle Time
< 1.5 seconds
Power Source
7.2V/2600mAh Li-ion polymer battery 2.6Ah 18Wh
Dimensions (WxHxD)
76 X 93 X 197mm