Nanlite FS-200 5600K Daylight LED Monolight

Nanlite FS-200 5600K Daylight LED Monolight

Nanlite FS-200 5600K Daylight LED Monolight

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Your New Studio Light. The Nanlite FS-200 5600K Daylight LED monolight is a monolight style light fixture with remarkable light output relative to its size.

The Nanlite FS-200 LED light uses the industry-standard Bowens light modifiers, making it easy to soften or focus the light, to provide a wide range of lighting effects. The ability to shape the light makes the FS-200 ideal for portraiture, product photography, and in-house video production.

Compact design, take your light to the next level

The FS-200 comes with "29380 Lux @ 1m" (with reflector) a more compact and lightweight design, along with a high 200W output offering even further expansion.

Leading lighting technology, Ultra-bright but soft light

Adopting a new lighting source technology, the FS-200 is ultra-bright but evenly soft at the same time.

No compromise on colour quality

Standard daylight-balanced at 5600K (CRI: 96, TLCI: 98)

Fully integrated system

The compact all in one body combines the control unit, power adapter and lamp body. This integrated design makes the FS-200 more compact and lightweight without losing power, couple with simple controls and advanced functions, this offers more convenience for all types of production.

Customizable practical effects

The FS-200 has 11 built-in customizable practical effects, ensuring creators can simulate accurate lightning scenarios in a second.

Multiple control options

The FS-200 has intuitive on-board controls and can be wirelessly controlled via 2.4G, ensuring it's the ideal light for all levels of production. It is no longer problem to achieve quick accurate adjustments for the light.

Endless light shaping possibilities

By utilizing the widely available Bowens mount with umbrella holder the FS-200 is compatible with a massive selection of light modifiers, such as softbox, Freshnel's, umbrella and more.

Excellent in body cooling

The built-in fan transmits heat efficiently, ensuring FS-200 running cool for consistent use.

Firmware updates

Built-in USB ports allow for future firmware updates, always keeping up with the changing technological times.

Illumination without reflector

  • 1m-7852lux/729fc
  • 2m-1978lux/184fc
  • 3m-951lux/88fc

Illumination with reflector

  • 1m-29380lux/2729fc
  • 2m-6388lux/593fc
  • 3m-2776lux/258fc
Fixture Type Monolight
Power Source AC
No battery operation
Colour Temperature Daylight
Battery Connection No
Kit Style Light Unit Only
Specific Color Temperature 5600K
Cooling Active Silent Fan
CRI 98
Dimming 0-100%
Mount 5/8" Receiver with a rotating yoke
Lightshaper Mount Bowens S Style​
LED Total Power 252W
Input Voltage/Current AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Beam Angle 120°
Beam Angle Flood 45 Degrees (Requires optional FL-20G Fresnel)
Beam Angle Spot 10 Degrees (Requires optional FL-20G Fresnel)
Dimensions 30.6 × 23.2 × 12.3 cm without protective cap but with yoke
27.1 × 15.6 × 12.3 cm with protective cap and yoke
Weight 2.48kg
  • Power Source: AC, 100-240V, no battery operation
  • Colour Temperature: Daylight
  • Specific Color Temperature: 5600K
  • Cooling: Active Silent Fan
  • Ideal Studio LED for video and photography
  • Lightshaper Mount: Bowens S Style​
  • LED Total Power: 252W
  • 29380 Lux
  • Compatible with all Bowens S mount light modifiers