Nanlite FS-300 Bi-colour LED monolight

Nanlite FS-300 Bi-colour LED monolight

Nanlite FS-300 Bi-colour LED monolight

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The Nanlite FS-300 Bi-colour LED monolight offers more flexibility for choosing the right CCT for motion, stills and live productions. As with all Nanlite fixtures the light features outstanding illuminance levels, excellent bi-colour performance, and seamless software/hardware integration.

In terms of optics, FS-300B’s performance is stunning with a professional COB integration. It provides a powerful illuminance of 11,130 lux @ 1M (5600K), which has a significant advantage compared with similar products in the market. when attached with the included reflector, the illuminance increases to 38,720 lux @ 1M (5600K).

FS-300B offers consistent output while changing the CCT range all the way from 2700K to 6500K when in the constant output mode, while in the maximum output mode priority is given to the brightness to ensure sufficient brightness. This professional feature will save time for repeated lighting adjustments during shoots and ensure smooth transitions in camera.

Colour quality is in line with other Nanlite fixtures with an average CRI of 96 and average TLCI of 97, ensuring the FS-300B will allow creators to capture things in life like colours with high fidelity and natural likeness.

FS-300B has 12 built in practical effects that can be adjusted by brightness, color temperature and speed. This allow FS-300B to be employed in a huge range of scenario to simulate advanced lighting effects with simple operations, bringing a satisfactory lighting effect experience to users.

Aesthetics have been highlighted in the design of FS-300B, an all-in-one structure, two knobs and one button user interface as well as an OLED display permit convenient and intuitive operation. It also incorporates shortcuts for presets to simplify controlling processes by quickly recalling settings.

The built-in Bluetooth and 2.4G module support wireless controller (optional) and Nanlink APP control, which enable you to adjust various settings including DIM, CCT and special effects at will. With the help of NANLINK app, FS-300B can also realize professional group control.

Adopting the popular design of the widely available Bowens Mount and umbrella holder, FS-300B is compatible with both native and third-party modifiers, providing a wealth of light control options for photography, live streaming and content creation.

The powerful cooling fan ensures FS-300B can stand up to the rigorous and prolonged field use and guarantee its service life. The fan can be turned off directly to eliminate noise interference on occasions with strict requirements for sound.

The built-in USB-A port supports firmware updates, and optimizes users’ experience continuously, with future software updates and new functionalities.


Model FS-300B
Rated Power 350W
Input Voltage/Current AC100-240V 50/60Hz
2700K-6500K Average 96
TLCI Average 97
Dimming 0-100%
Control On-board, 2.4G, Bluetooth, NANLINK APP
Special Effects CCT Loop, INT Loop, Flash, Pulse, Storm, TV, Paparazzi, Candle/Fire, Bad Bulb, Firework, Explosion and Welding
Product Size Light Fixturelwithout protective cap): 346 233 × 123mm / 13.62 x 9.17 ~ 4.84"
Product Weight Light Fixture: 3.03kg / 6.681b Power Cable 4.5M: 0.4kg / 0.881b Reflector: 0.2kg / 0.441b
Master Carton Size 505 x 480 x 460mm / 19.88 x 18.90 x 18.11"
Packing Quantity 4
Certifications CE, UKCA, NCC, FCC-ID, ROHS
  • Bi-colour spotlight with wide CCT range of 2700K to 6500K
  • Outputs 11,130 lux @ 1M(light only, 5600K) and 38,720 lux @1M(with reflector, 5600K)
  • Two output modes available--both constant and maximum modes
  • High colour fidelity with average CRI of 96 and average TLCI of 97
  • 12 built-in practical effects customizable with brightness, colour temperature and speed
  • The all-in-one structure enables easier setup and better stability
  • 1.3-inch OLED display, two knobs and one button user interface
  • Supporting 2.4G, Bluetooth and NANLINK APP control
  • Bowens Mount and umbrella holder for more modifiers options
  • Powerful cooling with the option to turn off the fan for absolute silence
  • Firmware updatable via the USB-A port on the fixture body