Nanlite SB-FMM60 Parabolic softbox for Forza FM Mount

Nanlite SB-FMM60 Parabolic softbox for Forza FM Mount

Nanlite SB-FMM60 Parabolic softbox for Forza FM Mount

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The Manfrotto 504X fluid video head with flat base features the new Manfrotto fluid technology which allows smoother operation and unrivalled stability in both pan and tilt movements. It presents a 4-step counterbalance system that can take loads of up to 6.5 kg at 55 mm C.O.G.

The head is made from a brand-new catching aluminium design and has a maximum payload of 12 kg.

It is a compact and light head with a flat base (base diameter 75 mm), that lets you choose from a wide variety of different shooting options. It also features two 3/8” Easy Link connectors, equipped with an anti-rotation function that enables the fitting of external monitors or other accessories. A cap fits over the easy link, to avoid cutting during use. The sliding plate attachment and side-lock mechanism allows safe, quick and easy camera attachment.

The 645 FTT Fast Twin Alu Tripod features a double tubing and FAST Lever Lock technology for the most robust support ever. The synchronized closure mechanisms between the upper and lower locks enable videographers to control the entire leg with a single lock and get to work in record time.

he tripod is provided with a 2-in-1 half ball: a standard 100mm bowl compatible with a 75mm adapter (included in the kit) to enable the use of a wider range of video heads. It also features a middle spreader lock. However, the 3-angle selectors make the use of a spreader a matter of optional preference.

It is compatible with the 2-in-1 ground and middle telescopic spreader (sold as an optional accessory) and it features a 3-angle selection mechanism for easy set up. It is equipped with spiked feet with rubber overshoes for a firm grip and adaptability to the most diverse shooting locations.

Supplied with its own padded carrying bag.



Shape Parabolic
Interior Silver
Requires Speed Ring  Yes, Included
Accepts Grids  Yes
Removable Front Face  Yes
Removable Interior Baffle No
Light Loss None
Circular Dimensions ø: 60.0 cm (Open)
  • Fluid video head with 4-step counterbalance system up to 6.5 kg
  • Maximum versatility thanks to flat base
  • FAST Lever Lock & 3-angle selection mechanism for easy set up
  • 100 mm half ball, compatible with a 75 mm half ball adapter.
  • Side lock plate attachment and two 3/8'' easy link connectors.