Nikon 1 Speedlight SB-N5

For the Nikon 1 V1 only. This flash easily attaches to the multi-accessory port on the Nikon 1 V1 camera to produce beautiful, natural-looking images. Powered via the camera, it needs no batteries...

Nikon 1 Speedlight SB-N5

Nikon 1 Speedlight SB-N5

This Nikon 1 Speedlight SB-N5 is in great physical and working condition. Included is a soft case and user manuals.

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Sb N5 Speedlight Back

The incredibly compact SB-N5 Speedlight flash is the ideal piece of kit to have at hand if you want to control the direction of light. Easily attached to the multi-accessory port on the Nikon 1 V1 camera,8 it can be rotated vertically or horizontally to bounce the flash off the ceiling or walls for natural-looking images with soft shadow.

Powered via the camera, it needs no batteries and boasts a capture illuminator LED light on the front of the unit to ensure steady light when using Motion Snapshot or Smart Photo Selector in the dark.

  • SB-N5 includes a capture illuminator in the form of white LED for Motion Snapshot and Smart Photo Selector.
  • Bounce angle: Rotated 90 degrees up and 180 degrees left and right for fully-featured bounce flash.
  • Flash shooting distance range: 0.6m-20m (depends on the ISO setting)
  • Guide number: 8.5 [ISO 100, m/ft, 20°C] , 12 [ISO 200,m/ft]