Phottix Kali 600 LED

Phottix Kali 600 LED

Phottix Kali 600 LED

Phottix Kali 600 LED Studio Light presents in great condition and shows only minimal general wear due to previous use. Includes a mains power supply, user manual, remote and the original packaging. No batteries included.

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Phottix Kali 600 Light Panel

Following the success of the Phottix Nuada series LEDs, Phottix is announcing a new LED lighting line-up: the Phottix Kali.

The new series will debut with the Kali600 model – a larger studio-style LED Panel for video and general studio and location photography.


  • Excellent color rendering - CRI 95+ 
  • Digital Power Control: 10% - 100% 
  • Digital Color Control: 3300K – 5600K 
  • Uses 2 Sony-compatible batteries or AC Adapter

The Phottix Kali600 will feature a maximum brightness of 3000Lux (36W). Being both mains and battery powered it can be used in the studio or on-location. The Kali600 offers power and color temperature control – via the panel as well as a wireless radio remote.