Pixel P50 Bi-Colour LED Light

Pixel P50 Bi-Colour LED Light

Pixel P50 Bi-Colour LED Light

4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐ This Pixel P50 Bi-Colour LED Light has been fully tested and serviced by our team of camera experts and works like new. There are some signs of previous use, but what fun is a rental if you don’t use it? Any signs of previous use are minor and superficial and there are no notable marks or scratches. All the photos to the left are of the item you would receive so you can see for yourself (yes, we really have someone downstairs photographing every preloved product). Includes: lighting stand.

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Pixel Slim LED Light P50 is a powerful Bi-Colour LED light which features a 3200-5800K colour temperature and boasts a high CRI (colour rendering index) of 96 and above. It provides a professional-quality light which is a must for imagery content creators.

The light features high performance LED bulbs with a brightness of 3800Lux at 0.5m. It has a stable and intuitive brightness output which creates a reliable photography effect.

The Pixel Slim LED Light P50 Bi-Colour is designed to be a convenient lighting solution that you can carry with you practically anywhere. The kit is also equipped with Dual Power Modes and can be powered by Sony NP-F style lithium-ion batteries or from an AC power adapter which gives you the flexibility to choose the best power option.

The LED light also employs an internal 2.4GHz wireless function with a range of up to 50m which supports multi light to control. , P50 with a build-in remote receiver can work with all Pixel LED light family members under one remote.


P50 Panel Light



Colour rendering

CRI Ra: >96?TLCI Qa: >99

Colour temperature



3800Lux at 0.5m distance

1100Lux at 1m distance

Working current


Operating Voltage

DC 14-18V


Constant Power 45W (3000K=45W 5800K=45W)

Battery model

Sony NP-F battery x 2

Remote radio frequency


Wireless channel

48 (1 ~ 48)

Wireless group

6 Group (A, B, C, D, E, F)

Control distance


Bright adjustment



LCD 2.6in


355 X 245 X 22mm

Cooling method

Convection with Aluminium