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Maximum image qualitySuperior sharpness and the finest reproduction of detail. The Leica M features a newly-designed, high resolution, 24-Megapixel CMOS sensor in full 35 mm format the Leica Max 24-MP sensor. When combined with the Leica Maestro image processor, only outstanding images are created. Additionally, the low noise performance makes the M ideal for available-light photography.Sharp images guaranteedThe classic rangefinder system offers fast, precise, crystal-clear focusing with superior accuracy. Two additional focusing methods allow for even more creativity. The new Live View Zoom enables up to 10A-magnification of the Live View display, and the Live View Focus Peaking automatically highlights sharp contours in red to provide simple focus control.Motion pictures with Leica lookThe unique quality of Leica lenses has been expanded into the 1080p, full-HD video recording feature of the Leica M. Complete control over exposure and capture settings enables photographers to complement their still images with professional video recordings, with the same look and quality inherent to Leica photography.Faster resultsThe combination of the Leica Max 24-MP sensor and Leicas Maestro processor allows for an extremely high image-processing speed. A low buffer time lets you take photos in rapid succession, not missing a single shot. The processors several independent segments permit an incoming image to be processed while a previous one is still being written on the memory card.Universal capabilitiesThe new Leica M is the first to feature Live View. Images are composed from material produced by the lens, granting you complete control over depth of field, exposure, framing and focusing. The Ms large, high-resolution 3 inch monitor with 920,000 pixels allows precise assessment of each potential image with regard to sharpness, exposure and colour.Use in any weather conditionsOur cameras are built to last a lifetime. Solid brass blanks and full-metal

Leica M (typ 240)

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Brand New Leica M (typ 240) Body Only (Black)
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