Nikon Z 30 Body w/Nikkor 16-50 mm VR Lens Mirrorless Camera

Nikon Z 30 Body w/Nikkor 16-50 mm VR Lens Mirrorless Camera

Nikon Z 30 Body w/Nikkor 16-50 mm VR Lens Mirrorless Camera

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The technical details behind the Nikon Z30 Mirrorless Camera

Make your vlogs stand out online and share your story with stunning video quality using the Nikon Z 30 Mirrorless Camera in our Nikon mirrorless camera range. The Z 30 offers excellent image quality and engages your audience's senses across your whole image, with sharp details and rich textures. The key is the larger volume of light received by its APS-C size/DX-format image sensor — 14× larger and more advanced than that in a typical smartphone*. Further contributions come from the advanced-performance engine — the same EXPEED 6 found in higher-level models such as the Z 7/Z 6 — and the strikingly sharp NIKKOR Z lenses.

Sharp focus on the eyes of friends and pets in motion

Make your video more engaging with a constant sharp focus on the eyes — whether it’s you, your friends and family, or your pets. Eye-Detection AF and Animal-Detection AF are available in wide-area AF (L) as well as auto-area AF, letting the camera more reliably pick out the eyes to focus on. This makes it easy to capture your subjects’ eyes in focus even when they are moving — in both video recording and still photography. The AF-F mode dedicated to video recording enables powerful tracking of your subjects even when they are moving or composition changes. If you want a more subtle and nuanced expression, try applying slower or faster focusing, with AF speed adjustable between 11 steps. Go faster to quickly shift focus from the item you’re introducing back to your face, or go slower to smoothly draw viewers’ attention from one subject to another.

Check footage of yourself in real-time with the rotating monitor

Connect better with your audience via the Nikon Z 30’s vari-angle monitor, by simply pointing the camera and rotating the monitor toward yourself. This way, you can record selfies while making sure you look good in real-time. Adjusting exposure compensation is also easy and intuitive by checking your appearance and using the touch operation on the monitor. Taking further advantage of the vari-angle monitor, you can explore more creative angles, whether it’s from waist level, higher up or very low — letting you share your life from your own unique angles.

Let the camera roll for as long as you need

Keep the camera rolling for up to 125 minutes, convenient for content like makeup tutorials or product reviews. Meanwhile, connecting a portable charger or computer allows the Nikon Z 30 mirrorless camera to record with a constant power supply, giving you peace of mind during a long take.

With Nikkor Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR

If you are carrying the Nikon Z 30 camera with you all the time to shoot your vlogs, this compact lens is for you. It’s perfect for selfie shots, either solo or with a friend, as well as for any of your everyday moments. Just take it with you everywhere and enjoy its high-definition rendering performance with amazing sharpness that makes your subject stand out beautifully, whether it’s you or a tasty dish you’ve just made. If you want to push your creativity, you can come right up to your subject and get striking close-up shots.

Nikon Z30 Key Specs

  • 3’ Vari-angle touch-operation LCD screen.
  • Up to 125mins of continuous video recording with record light confirmation.
  • 4K Video Recording using the full width of the sensor.
  • Eye Detection autofocus in stills and video.
  • Easy to use design featuring USB charging.

Top three reasons we think you will love the Nikon Z30 Camera

  • Capture sharp details and rich textures
  • Constant sharp focus on the eyes
  • Perfect for online content creators and vloggers

Our expert’s opinion about the Nikon Z30 Mirrorless Camera

Vloggers and online content creators will love the stunning video quality of the Z 30 camera. This small but mighty DX mirrorless camera is the perfect Vlogging companion, whilst also capturing true-to-life stills. It is simple to use and ergonomically designed allowing shooters to express their unique style. Elevate your content by boosting the image quality. Express your memories of a wonderful night richly, without image noise. Draw all eyes to yourself or your subject looking beautiful against a soft background bokeh. Engage people’s senses across your whole image, with sharp details and rich textures. The Nikon Z 30 gives you easy access to all these benefits in the Nikon camera collection.

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20 Megapixels
CMOS Sensor
Shutter Speed
1/4000 - 30 seconds
Frames Per Second Shooting
11 frames per second
Focus Points
Nikkor 16-50 mm VR Lens Mirrorless Camera
Screen Size
7.5-cm (3.0–in.) diagonal; Approx. 1040 k-dot
Tilt Screen
One EN-EL25 rechargeable Li-ion battery