HIKMICRO Lynx S LE15S Thermal Monocular

HIKMICRO Lynx S LE15S Thermal Monocular

HIKMICRO Lynx S LE15S Thermal Monocular

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The HIKMICRO Lynx S LE15S Thermal Monocular is an exceptional entry-level choice for both forest and field hunters. With an upgraded OLED display, it provides hunters with more fluent and clearer images and an impressive 20.5m @100 field of view and up to 750m detection range in an open field.


Key Features of the HIKMICRO Lynx S LE15S Thermal Monocular

  • Standby Mode: Standby mode designed to save power consumption with screen off while other features on. The device can be activated in a short time by pressing the button.
  • Smart Range Measurement: Measuring distance quickly with high accuracy based on the top and bottom of the target.
  • 4 Color Palettes: LYNX S series provides 4 color palettes for different scenarios.
  • Large Digital Zoom: Digital zoom up to 8x offers better focus on small target from a far distance.


Large OLED Display for More Immersive Observation

High resolution 0.32” 800 x 600 OLED is capable of lower power consumption, wider viewing angle, and richer color.

High Frame Rate, Smoother Detailed Images

LYNX S series features filming at 50Hz. This refers to every image being enhanced with a higher dynamic range and effectively reducing eye strain when observing outdoors for a long time.

Convenient Brand New UI Design

The new UI design enhances the operation experience, quickly bringing up frequently used functions and not missing a single opportunity to spot your game.

Compact Size, Easy to Carry

Lightweight design of 310g/0.68 lb only

Long Detection Range Breaks Through All Camouflage

With the advanced imaging detector and lens, the detection range of a 1.7 m target can reach up to 1200m.

Video and Snapshot

Onboard 8 GB memory offers storage space for the snapshots and video clips. Recorded files can be downloaded when connected to a PC via a USB Port.

Hotspot for Mobile App

The integrated hotspot module makes the Sight app a second display. Users can use digital zoom, video recording and other features on their phones.


Image Sensor VOx Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays
Max. Resolution 256 × 192
Frame Rate 50 Hz
Pixel Interval 12 μm
Response Waveband 8 μm to 14 μm
NETD Less than 35 mK (@ 25 °C),F# = 1.0
Lens (Focal Length) 15mm, f1.0
Detection Range 750m
Focus Mode Focus Free
Field of View(H × V), Degrees / m @100m 11.7° × 8.8° / 20.5 m × 15.4 m
Min. Focusing Distance 10m
Magnification 2.2x-17.6x(8x)