Rode RODECaster Duo Two-person Podcasting Bundle

Rode RODECaster Duo Two-person Podcasting Bundle

Rode RODECaster Duo Two-person Podcasting Bundle

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The Rode RODECaster Duo Two-person Podcasting Bundle designed to take your collaborative podcasting experience to the next level. Perfectly curated for two hosts, this bundle equips you with the essential tools to produce professional-grade podcasts with unmatched clarity and convenience.

Unleash your creativity and engage your audience with the Rode Two-Person Podcasting Bundle. Whether you’re conducting interviews, discussions, or banter, this bundle provides the essential tools to deliver professional-quality podcasts that captivate listeners. Elevate your podcasting experience and make your mark in the world of audio content creation today.


Key Features of the Rode RODECaster Duo Two-person Podcasting Bundle

  • Specifically designed for two-person podcasting setups
  • Four microphone inputs (XLR) with 48V phantom power
  • Two headphone outputs for real-time monitoring
  • Integrated Bluetooth for easy smartphone/tablet connectivity
  • Built-in effects including APHEX processing, EQ, compression, and de-esser
  • High-quality 24-bit recording resolution at 48kHz
  • Compact and durable design
  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems


1 x RØDECaster Duo (SKU – RCDUO-I)

The cornerstone of your podcasting setup, the RØDECaster Duo offers intuitive controls and superior sound quality, empowering you to produce engaging podcasts effortlessly.

2 x PodMic (SKU – PODMIC)

Crafted specifically for podcasting, the PodMic delivers clear and rich audio, ensuring both hosts sound their best and stand out in every episode.

2 x NTH-100 (SKU – NTH100)

The NTH-100 headphones provide accurate and immersive monitoring for both hosts, allowing you to hear every nuance of your recording with precision and clarity.

2 x PSA1+ (SKU – PSA1+)

The PSA1+ studio arms offer flexible microphone positioning, enabling each host to find their optimal setup for comfortable and consistent performance.

2 x XLR-3 Black (SKU – XLR3M)

With two reliable XLR-3 cables included, you can establish secure connections and minimize interference, ensuring uninterrupted recording sessions.


  • GTIN - TBA
Brand Rode
Model RODECaster Duo Two-person Podcasting Bundle
Number of Persons Two-person
Channels 4
Inputs 4 x XLR, 2 x 1/4" (stereo pair), Bluetooth, USB
Outputs 2 x 1/4" (main out), 1 x 1/4" (headphones)
Headphone Output Yes
Phantom Power Yes (48V)
Recording Resolution 24-bit, 48kHz
Integrated Effects Yes (APHEX processing, EQ, compression, de-esser)
Bluetooth Yes (Smartphone/Tablet connectivity)
Compatibility Mac, Windows
Dimensions (H x W x D) 4.65 x 14.06 x 11.02" / 118 x 357 x 280 mm
Weight 4.41 lb / 2 kg