Aputure Ezbox+II Softbox with Grid

Aputure Ezbox+II Softbox with Grid

Aputure Ezbox+II Softbox with Grid

This Aputure Ezbox+II Softbox with Grid is in great physical and working condition and shows only minimal general wear attributable to prior use. Included are mounting arms, and the original packaging. This product is for use with the Aputure Amaran.

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Aputure’s EZ Box Softbox Kit can perfectly fit Amaran HR672, AL-528 and TRI-8 lights for the purpose of consistency and durability. It provides exceptional soft light effects in a compact and portable package without blocking the cooling vents.

Cinematic Soft Lighting

The Amaran EZ Box+ II is the upgrade to the original EZ Box, and is the flagship diffusion accessory for the Amaran line of products. Designed specifically for the AL-528, HR672 or Tri-8, the EZ Box+ II includes ultra soft diffusion cloth, a high quality eggcrate-style grid, and a newly designed rapid build assembly system.

The Amaran Quick Soft Lighting Solution

The EZ Box+ II is specially designed for any of Aputure’s three Amaran panels. Built for the indie filmmaker who’s always on the go, the EZ Box+ II is pre-built with foldable rods that can be assembled and disassembled in a matter of seconds. The diffusion cloth is carefully engineered to create the perfect balance of soft, flattering light while maintaining high output.

Enhance Your Lighting

The EZ Box+ II comes with a variety of materials which allow creatives to have several options for shaping light. The silver reflective interior of the EZ Box+ II enhances the reflection and luminance of your lighting, while the high quality diffusion fabric provides extremely soft lighting.

Maximum Control

By itself, the EZ Box+ II increases the area of your Amaran light by 150%. For filmmakers and photographers looking for a more refined, controlled setup, the EZ Box+ II includes an fabric grid which brings your light source to a soft, narrow 35 degree beam angle.

Dimension of diffuser: 295*265 mm
Dimension of softbox: 275*235*88.5 mm
Dimension of grid: 300“270“80mm
Net Weight: 603g