Optex Photo Studio Kit

Optex Photo Studio Kit

Optex Photo Studio Kit

This Optex Photo Studio Kit is in great physical and working condition, and shows minimal general wear attributable to prior use. This kit includes a power supply and its original Optex packaging.

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Ideal for product photography, the Optex Portable Photo Studio and Lighting Kit sports a spacious 60 x 54cm interior that fits even large commercial products. Bring that perfect glow using the two removable 5500k LED light bars and contain the brightness with the closable front. The intensity of the light can also be softened thanks to the light diffuser. Meanwhile, the top hatch allows you to capture bird's eye view images. Made with a simple pre-fab wire frame that makes it portable and collapsible for transport.

Let there be LED light!
Capturing professionally-looking product images won't be possible with the magnetic 5500k LED lights that provide colour-neutral lighting. Each of these removable light bars contain 60 LED lights for ample illumination and you can adjust their position to bring the light at the perfect spot. 

Light diffuser
If the lights are too intense, you can easily mount the light diffuser via its corner hooks. Light diffusers can bring a certain gloom to the image which makes the product itself stand out. 

Catch great photos with the hatch
As you use take images from the top angle, the hatch ensures that the LED lights remain invisible from the view. Meanwhile, the front hatch intensifies the light by enclosing it in the box. 

Collapsible design
When you are on the go, its foldable design lets you bring this studio lighting kit anywhere through its compact carrying case that comes with handles and shoulder straps.