Benro Tortoise 35C Carbon Fibre Tripod Legs

Benro Tortoise 35C Carbon Fibre Tripod Legs

Benro Tortoise 35C Carbon Fibre Tripod Legs

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Maximum load capacity 18kg
Maximum height with center column 147cm
Feet Features Rubber
Materials Carbon Fiber
Base Mount 3/8"-thread on the top plate
Mounting points for accessories 1/4 "

The small yet mighty Tortoise Columnless Benro Tortoise 35C Carbon Fibre Tripod Legs - 5 Section is a compact, lightweight travel tripod with high load capacity and remarkable stability. The center column-free design makes it nimble and lightweight for travel and reduces the potential for shake common to high center column positioning. This is especially significant when shooting video content. The legs offer independent spread and three locking positions and incorporate automatic leg angle adjustment for fast and sure setup. The aluminum leg spider features a 1/4"-20 accessory mounts for extension arms, monitors, lights, and more. The rubber feet feature three distinct contact surfaces providing a grip on whether the legs are vertical, on an angle, or nearly horizontal when positioned.

Benro Tortoise 35C Carbon Fibre Tripod Legs - 5 Section

Very compact all-round tripods with a very narrow profile, which makes them much easier to transport. Ideal for traveling.
Despite their low weight, they have a surprisingly high carrying capacity. Fast and reliable twist closures with more grip.
Slightly cross-woven carbon in a chic monochrome look.
This tripod weighs 1.50 kg and has a load capacity of 18 kg.

Auto-Hold Leg Trigger
Change leg angles effortlessly with the push of a button, then press the pre-locking button when the desired angle is reached.

Lightweight Aluminium Leg Spider Design
The streamlined milled-aluminum leg spider allows the legs to be reversed for folding or inverted shooting. It includes three 1/4"-20 threaded accessory sockets, allowing lights, microphones, monitors, accessory arms, and more to be attached. 1/4" and 3/8" self-adaptive tripod head installation screw thread, compatible with most tripod heads, ball heads, fluid heads, and gimbals.

Ergonomic Twist-Locks
Highly grippable twist-lock collars make opening and closing legs fast and sure.

The Benro TTOR35C has legs made of light cross-woven carbon in a chic monochrome look. The spider is made of magnesium and has a completely new design in a beautiful design and a new click system for adjusting the leg angles. The tripod is adjustable in height from 10 to 147 centimeters and can be secured with a rotary lock.

Always the right grip
Rubber feet provide a good grip on smooth surfaces and a set of spikes is included for the rougher areas.