Edelkrone Slide Module v3

Edelkrone Slide Module v3

Edelkrone Slide Module v3

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The edelkrone Slide Module v3 is an add-on attachment for all SliderPLUS sliders. It adds motorized capability to the slider, allowing for motion control from a companion iOS/Android app. You can set up stable motorized slides or easily program motion time-lapse and stop motion videos. Also, when the Slide Module v3 is attached to the slider, it can be synced up to other edelkrone motion control devices (such as the HeadPLUS pan and tilt device) to allow for synchronized multi-axis motion control from the same app.

New features include improved wireless connection and a longer range, improved power management, a physical power button, an information screen that provides instant feedback, and quieter operation than ever before. The Slide Module v3 uses a quiet step motor driving technology that combines precise step motor positioning ability with ultraquiet operation.

While it does support app and optional IR remote control, the Slide Module v3 also allows you to manually adjust the positions and program the motions of your SliderPLUS (and optional HeadPLUS) by hand. This allows for a more efficient and intuitive workflow in many situations.

The Slide Module v3 can be operated by your choice of batteries or a power adapter, both options sold separately. For battery power, it requires optional Canon or Sony battery brackets and two LP-E6 or two L-series batteries. Or you can get the AC/DC Adapter for Slide Module. One of these options is required. With two LP-E6 batteries, the Slide Module v3 runs for approximately two hours and shoots about 12,000 photos in time-lapse mode.

Compatible devices include the HeadONE single, HeadONE dual, HeadPLUS, and HeadPLUS PRO. When the Slide Module v3 is synced with your SliderPLUS and HeadPLUS, you can perform automatic target tracking and live target switching. Add a Laser Module to the HeadPLUS, and you can teach the position of any stationary target to the system instantly by just aiming at the target and pressing OK. The camera will instantly frame and focus on the target. Used with the SliderPLUS and HeadPLUS or HeadONE, the Slide Module v3 also lets you achieve sequencing by setting up multiple poses to create comprehensive camera motion with adjustable speed and looping.

Note: Batteries and Battery Brackets Sold Separately

Companion iOS/Android App

  • Scans the available devices in its surroundings and pairs with them automatically, giving you a single screen to control all the devices together
  • Set the pose of your camera, and press and hold on any of the keypose buttons to record that pose; use the same button to recall that pose, or press two keyposes to put the system in a loop between both keyposes
  • Adjust the speed and acceleration of the transition between keyposes, or easily create time-lapse videos by using the same keyposes


  • MPN - ED-81228
  • GTIN - 810011810228
Motor Type Step
Maximum Incline Up to 22.5° with 2.5 kg (Used with SliderPLUS v5)
Minimum Step On Tripod: 22.4 µm
On Ground: 11.2 µm
Maximum Speed On Tripod: 6.4 cm per Second
On Ground: 3.2 cm per Second
Runtime Approx. 22 Hours on 2 x LP-E6 Batteries*
Shutter Trigger Port 2.5 mm
App Compatibility iOS 11.0 or Later, Android 5.0 or Later
Display OLED
Power Input DC Power Connector (Supports Optional AC/DC Adapter for Slide Module):
100-240 V Input
9 V Output
2.2 A Current Output

Optional Canon LP-E6 and Sony L-Series Battery Brackets and Dual Batteries Supported
Materials Aluminum with Stainless Steel Components
Dimensions 13.5 x 8.1 x 6.6 cm
Weight 0.85 kg
  • Motorized Add-On for SliderPLUS Models
  • SliderPLUS + HeadPLUS/HeadONE Multi-Sync
  • Quieter Operation than Previous Versions
  • New OLED Screen & Physical Power Button
  • Improved Wireless Connection & Range
  • Allows Motion Control from App or Remote
  • Can Be Programmed Manually by Hand
  • Macro-Precise Loopable Motion
  • Step Motor with High-Resolution Encoder
  • Runs on Optional Batteries or AC Adapter