Gitzo GK2542-F3W Mountaineer Series 2 (GT2545 + GHF3W) w/3 Way Head Tripod

Gitzo GK2542-F3W Mountaineer Series 2 (GT2545 + GHF3W) w/3 Way Head Tripod

Gitzo GK2542-F3W Mountaineer Series 2 (GT2545 + GHF3W) w/3 Way Head Tripod

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The Gitzo Mountaineer Carbon Fiber Tripod kit with 3 Way Fluid Head is designed to deliver precise and versatile framing for photographers. It is perfect for; Landscape Photographers who require precise framing and fine-tuned compositions.(ie. Horizons) Studio Photographers who images through precise framing. Architectural Photographers who experiment with angles to achieve different and creative perspectives. Offers great working versatility as well as precise framing for creative photography.

The Gitzo 3 Way Fluid Head comes with a stiff and ultra-light magnesium body, weight less than 1kg and can safely support a payload of up to 13kg. Patented retractable handles make it the perfect head to carry on outdoor adventures.

Equipped with an independent fluid cartridge for each axis. Ensures the silky smooth and seamless movements without stick-slip. Its ergonomic handles allow accurate and effortless composition.

It features a quick release holder with which the plate (7cm rubberized Arca-Swiss compatible plate included) can be easily released. The width of the quick release holder can be adjusted using the side screw to make it compatible with other plates. To fix-in a plate (and camera) just a single firm pressing down is needed against the quick release holder. Also the new 90° rotatable plate holder allows greater working versatility and framing. Not only does it helps switch from portrait to landscape, it also makes it very easy to shoot overhead and below. This rotation prevents collision with tripods like the Systematic, which have a larger spider.

The smart rotating sprit level supports accurate framing on all axes. The spirit level can easily be repositioned to suit the camera’s position.

The 3 Way Fluid Head was designed respecting Gitzo’s unmistakably elegant and clean style, which represents the industry’s standard for excellence.

It is a perfect match with Mountaineer tripod. The Carbon eXact tubes has maximized rigidity and image stability, optimized the fiber composition for each tube size. Together with the 3 Way Fluid Head, it is an ultimate kit for photographer.

Head Type Pan & Tilt Head
Base Mount 3/8"-16 Female
Camera Mounting Screw 1/4"-20 Male
Quick Release Plate Type Arca-Type
Number of Bubble Levels 1
Friction Control No
Independent Pan Lock Yes
  • Rapid column can easily be inverted for an alternative shooting angle or low level macro work.
  • Built-in hook allows you to hang a stabilizing weight (e.g. a full camera bag or a sand/water bag) from the bottom of the tripod center column.
  • Removable feet allows you to easily change worn out rubber feet or to fit other accessories, such as spiked feet or snow/sand shoes.
  • Revolutionary Carbon exact tubes are even stiffer to maximize rigidity and image stability.
  • G-lock Ultra has been redesigned from the inside out; it is now smoother and softer to use and is designed to reduce dust and grit from getting in.
  • The Ground Level Set mechanism permits to remove the center column to get the camera closer to the ground.
  • Leg Angle Selector with Spring offers large grip space and features a built-in spring to help speed up switches between the 3 leg angles.
  • Ultralight fluid head due to their magnesium build, they are ideal for professional photographers seeking the highest performance, style, and reliability.
  • The 3-way head employ innovative solutions to ensure precise control on 3 independent axes.
  • Fluid Head with independent pan and tilt lock, quick release adapter, and rotating bubble level is ideal for studio, architecture and landscape photography requiring precise framing.