Red Rock RR Retroflex for BMPCC

Red Rock RR Retroflex for BMPCC

Red Rock RR Retroflex for BMPCC

Red Rock RR Retroflex for BMPCC unit showing signs of of general wear due to previous use. This unit includes a Viewfinder, mount + screw and a handle unit. Please note: No cable is included

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The retroFlex Rig Bundle for Blackmagic Pocket Camera Gen 1 from Redrock Micro is a modular cage support system designed to mimic a retro shooting style reminiscent of older 16mm Bolex or Super8 cameras. The rig consists of a pistol grip with start/stop trigger button, a 3x optical viewfinder, and a protective cage - all designed specifically for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. The compact size makes the rig suitable for a wide range of run-and-gun applications, location scouting, or even using the Pocket Cinema Camera as a director's viewfinder on set.

At the heart of the rig is the retroFlex Cage, which provides added protection, stability, and accessory mounting threads for your Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, while leaving access open to all camera functions. The camera attaches to the cage via a top and bottom 1/4"-20 threaded screw and rests flush against the backplate to assure the camera remains straight in the cage. The cage adds nine additional accessory mounting points, consisting of six 1/4"-20 threads, two 3/8"-16 threads, and a cold shoe mount.

The open-face design of the cage keeps the camera's grip accessible to allow for easy and secure handling. It also leaves the area around the lens mount open, so it won't interfere with any lens mount adapters. The optional wireLock accessory can be added to provide a locking mechanism for each of the five cable connectors on the Pocket Cinema Camera. This is especially useful when using an external HDMI monitor or recorder.

The retroFlex cage also provides points of attachment for the 3x optical viewfinder and pistol grip. The optical viewfinder is attached to the retroFlex Cage for Blackmagic Pocket Camera via rare-earth magnets and an integrated mounting frame that prevents light leakage. It has an integrated adjustable diopter for eyesight correction. The pistol grip support allows for the camera to be triggered at a moment's notice without needing to readjust your grip.

  • Modular cage support system
  • 360° of camera protection
  • Open-face design leaves lens mount and camera grip accessible
  • Doesn't block buttons or battery door
  • Adds six 1/4"-20 threads, two 3/8"-16, and a cold shoe mount
  • Removable Pistol Grip with start/stop trigger
  • 3x Optical Viewfinder aids in outdoor screen visibility and is easily detachable
  • Optional wireLock accessory secures cables