Cinetics AXIS360 PRO

Cinetics AXIS360 PRO

Motion control for dynamic video & timelapse. Slide pan tilt. 2x complete systems, in used condition fully tested and includes all boxed accessories.

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Axis360 is a motion control system that rotates and slides a camera. Axis360 is compact and light weight, sets up easily, and is extremely versatile. It moves at a wide range of speeds, fluidly or incrementally, and works with most DSLR, mirrorless, and cinema cameras. Axis360 is available in a variety of combinations to suit your needs.

Axis360 is run by the Controller which operates on CineMoco software and includes a built in 6 hour rechargeable battery. Speed range in video mode is variable up to 2.4 cm/s or 110°/s. S-M-S (shoot-move-shoot) mode enables moves as small as 0.03° incrementally! The Controller works with the Axis360 to enable smooth motor controlled movement.

The Slider is an ultra smooth rail track and cart system. The cart rolls on eight urethane coated bearings and has adjustable drag. The slider moves smoothly by hand, or with a belt and pulley system that enables the Axis360 motor to drive the slider. It comes by default in a 32" length.