Jinbei 50cm Soft Ball Diffuser

Jinbei 50cm Soft Ball Diffuser

Jinbei 50cm Soft Ball Diffuser

Jinbei 50cm diffuser presenting in great condition, showing only minimal general wear due to previous use.

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  • Diffuses Continuous Light
  • Delivers Softer Natural Light
  • 50cm Wide
  • Compatible with Still Images and Video Shooting

Using the Jinbei Soft Ball Diffuser, you can get professional quality photos when using a continuous LED light. This is especially useful if you are creating portraits or photographing newborn babies and do not want to startle them with a flash.

Used with Continuous LED Light

The Jinbei Soft Ball Diffuser is designed to be used with a continuous LED light. Once in place the white coloured diffuser softens the light to eliminate shadows allowing you to take shots with a much more even exposure.

Suits Videos and Still Photography

With the wrap around lighting provided by the round diffuser, and the constant light source of continuous LED lighting the Jinbei soft ball diffuser suits both videos and stills. Perfect for interviews, newborn portraiture or corporate headshots the diffuser is useful in a range of photographic scenes.