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The Promaster FL190 I-TTL flash is packed and ready for the demands of the most avid photographer,it is the tool you will want to have both indoors and out. This powerful flash can be used in the fully automatic I-TTL mode or in a host of other creative modes as well as acting as either a master or slave flash in a multi-flash setup.

Large Hi-Visibility LCD Panel makes it easy to see and set the functions of your flash
Master and Slave Modes are compatible with the camera manufacturers' optical pulse wireless TTL systems and allow you to easily use the FL190 in a multiple flash setup.
High Power Flash. The FL190 features a guide number of 190'(58m) at 100 iso.
Automatic / Manual Power Zoom provides flash coverage from 24 - 105mm (14mm when using built-in wide panel) either controlled by your camera in the automatic mode or set manually as you choose.
Full Support for ETTL/iTTL functions including Exposure Compensation, Exposure Bracketing, Rear-curtain Sync, Exposure Lock, Aperture Imaging Flash Preview
Fast Recycle Time .5~5 seconds with fresh AA batteries
PC Sync Port allows the use of wired PC cords to trigger the flash