Sony A7R II

How is it that mirrorless cameras can be so much smaller than their bulky DSLR cousins? It's simple- modern electronic viewfinder and on-sensor autofocus systems have rendered the bulky 'reflex...

Sony A7R II

Body Only

Sony A7R II Mirrorless body with an extremely low shutter actuation count of 674. This camera body shows minor signs of signs of previous use but is generally in excellent condition. This body performed excellently in all service tests. Includes 2x batteries, charger, Micro USB cable, AC adaptor, shoulder strap, cable protector and original packaging.

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Photography has Evolved

How is it that mirrorless cameras can be so much smaller than their bulky DSLR cousins? It's simple- modern electronic viewfinder and on-sensor autofocus systems have rendered the bulky 'reflex mirror' system used in DSLRs obsolete. Sony mirrorless cameras can now deliver professional results without the need for this bulky reflex mirror, cutting a huge amount of size and weight from the camera design. It also enhances camera operation; without the need to move a mirror back and forth for every frame, it's possible to achieve extremely high frame-rates with constant autofocus, and thanks to the true live view system on all Sony Mirrorless cameras, what you see is truly what you get; there are no nasty surprises when you review your shots later.

True Live View

True Live View

Real-Time Preview

Get the photo you want, first time, every time.

The viewfinder of a DSLR camera looks directly through the lens, bypassing the sensor and processor and making it impossible to accurately judge the final shot. With a Sony mirrorless camera, you see the image as it will appear when you press the shutter. No mystery black frames, no blurry mishaps, just the moment.

No Viewfinder Blackout

Keep your eye on the action.

On a DSLR, every photo causes a 'viewfinder blackout', interrupting your view of the subject. On a mirrorless camera, there is no blackout, so you can track your subject without distractions.

Focus Assist

Take control of focus.

Sony Mirrorless cameras have class-leading focus tools, including the popular focus peaking tool. Focus peaking highlights the sharp areas of an image before the shutter is pressed, allowing enthusiast photographers to achieve perfect, rapid manual focus for total control over the look of their shots.

Light & Small

Nearly half the weight of a DSLR

Great photography shouldn't be a chore. That's why Sony Mirrorless cameras are lightweight and portable. With models weighing as little as 269 grams, you don't have to put an anchor around your neck to carry a professional-quality camera.

Light & Small


Fast Focus

Fast Focus

On-Sensor Phase Detect Autofocus

Never miss the critical moment.

Equipped with as many as 179 phase-detect autofocus points on the image sensor itself, Sony mirrorless cameras are able to rapidly track fast-moving subjects, even during burst photography. Combined with powerful focus tools that allow you to identify and track a subject anywhere in the frame, you'll always be ready to get the shot.

Linear Focus Motor

Rapid response focus.

Fast focus doesn't just come from a camera. A slow-focusing lens will slow down even the fastest camera- that's why Sony Mirrorless lenses use the advanced linear focus motor; powerful, silent and precise, it allows the lens to integrate tightly with the camera for rapid focus.


Extraordinarily Realistic Detail

The high-speed BIONZ X image processing engine faithfully reproduces textures and details in real time, as seen by the naked eye, via extra high-speed processing capabilities. Together with front-end LSI (large scale integration) that accelerates processing in the earliest stages, it enables more natural details and realistic images, richer tonal gradations and lower noise whether you shoot still images or movies.